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"It will be a great surprise"

Bobby currently resides in India. Previously, he was in Thailand. He began the work on a new film titled "Blood type Nela". You are currently taking pictures in India. From there, he told Manabjamin on the mobile phone, it would be a great surprise for the audience in front of us. I will be present on the large screen with a "blue blood type". Sashaasachi The Egyptians who act in front of me in this film of an action-romantic story. In India's Jaydeep Mukherjee is in charge I'm very optimistic about this job. After the release of the Bizli movie in Australia last year, Bobi received a lot of responses, Bobi received a lot of response. It was his actress and finally a published film released. Viewers see the song entitled "Party Party" in this picture pretty well. In the film, opposite actor Bobbi played the model-actor Ranbir, based in Kalka. Asked what would be presented before the new picture, Bobbi said: "Very fast" the viewer will see the picture. After the launch of our first appearance, we received a big response from the audience. The new film will be a surprise at the beginning of the year. Because I played the main character here. The viewers will see Shakib Khan as my hero. The film's work is over. The story is also basic. It is known that it will soon be stored in the sensor. The film will be released at the Pahel Baishak Theater. Worked by Shakib Sonnet. Shakib-Bobi is near Naulak, also played by Omar Sani, Mushumi and others. The film produces B-Happy Fun. Bobby played in the film called "Ostashashram" outside of this film. Music star SD Rubel played opposite him in the film. This film was donated from 2015-2016 by Svapan Chaudhury. This film will be released this year. Jazz on the other side
Bobby also worked in the film titled "Beeprow" in multimedia production. Roshan played opposite him in this film. The movie has not yet been released. This year, the production company releases the film in a great way. Thus, all three Bobi videos are ready. What new and new photo work will start? In response Boby said, he talks about many pictures. But now I do not want to name a photo. I will work in some good movies. Upon his return to Dhaka, after returning to Dhaka, Shakib Khan worked in the film opposite DA Taib. I will work with Shakib in a movie called "Zhangji". Iftekhar Chowdhury will manage the film. Earlier, unlike Bobby Shakib, four "Charlie Superstar", "Rainbow", "Complete and Final" and "Born" featured in four films. Meanwhile, Bobby opened the YouTube channel on behalf of his production company Bobster Films. He published the songs "Bili". Bobbi said, the viewers will receive a lot of content in YouTube on the "Movie Films". In the meantime, the story behind the title of the film "Besi" "Man bird flies" and the story behind his recording is set.

The song was recorded in Europe. Sunidi Chohan gave the voice of the song, and compiled Ahmed Ahmed Humayun from Bangladesh. Ravi Basnet writes. Some of the viewers watched him already. Getting a good response. There are several plans for this channel. Soon he will tell the audience.

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