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Indian housewife in love with Bangladesh: -827246 The voice of time

An Indian housewife moved to Bangladesh in love. Housewife Hassia, who borders India, has developed a love affair with a young man in the intintapur border area of ​​Aurelia in Seattle. Last Saturday, Hassia brought the bride to the country, a young Bangladeshi, Feroz Mia, 6.

Tensions erupted last Saturday between residents of both states at the border. A Bangladeshi citizen and more than half a hundred cows were taken to India by locals yesterday in response to the incident.

It is rumored that Feroz Mia (1) is the son of Harish Uddin from the border of Tiparakala. He is married to Enna who fled with her is the wife of Shankar Kasia, a resident of Swabasti in the SPTila area of ​​India.

Locals said the flag meeting was held in the area of ​​International Pillar no. 122 on the border with Jintapur last week and the meeting is confident that the Indian women will be returned within two days.

In the meantime, after two days, Poverty Kasia from Indian Hai has taken Tasmul Ali Abdun Nur's son (6) and another half of the 1C Pillar of International Pillar no. 121 on Tuesday afternoon.

After receiving the news, the camp was visited by BGB camp commander Abdul Quadir, Nizpat union members Mansour Ahmed and Abdul Halim. Tensions erupt in the area, catching cows and women not returning.

Mansour Ahmed, a member of the Nizpat trade union, said: "It took two days for Wassia's wife to return. But the Herose family did not listen, and the kippas were taken from Bangladesh and taken to Abdur Nour along with several cows from the border.

The BGB was reportedly at the border.

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