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India under pressure from Roach-Gabriel

West Indies and India make their Antigua Test Test debut At the end of Thursday's game, tourists gathered 20 races for 5 briquettes. Rishab Pant and Ravindra Shadea struggled on 3 rounds.

India lost its footing and chose to bathe at Sir Vivian Richards Stadium. The guest bats didn't know the answer to Roach and Gabriel's sliding ball.

The West Indies returned Majang Agarwal for a successful run in the fifth. Roach's full-length ball was touched by the bat at the Indian hole.

Roach returned to Chetteshwar Puljara after another beautiful delivery in that area. Later, Gabriel captured the great sacrifice. Virat Kohli was caught abusing his pedal speed.

Photo: West Indian cricket

Photo: West Indian cricket

Lokesh Rahul and Rahane Bat of India's Resistance, who lost 4 lives in 25 rounds. Rahul Rouston, who had a hard time catching the ball from the outside of the foot stump, looked at the goalkeeper's gloves. Interruption of a pair of 3 paths.

Then India gets the best pair of the day. Struggling with confidence, Hanuma Bihari gave Rahane great support. Roach broke a pair of LBW's in Bihari for brilliant delivery. They broke down the stand with 12 races.

Rahane's fight ends with Gabriel's ball being pulled on the stump. The midfield bat scored 4 runs from 4 balls.

The game started late, as the field was wet at the beginning of the day. Occasionally the game was stopped in a rain buggy. At the end of the day, it was raining again and could not crash.

Short result:

India 1st Inning: 26/5 in 5 innings (Rahul 1, Agarwal 3, Pujara 2, Kohli 3, Rahane 1, Bihari 12, Pant 24 *, Shadeja 3 *; Carriers 1-3, 8-6, Combines 1 -5-6-6, chase 3.3-5-6-12

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