Thursday , November 26 2020

Inauguration of the “Wedding Tent” in Pubna First Light

The centennial “Municipal Assembly of the city of Maidan” from the city district of Pabna has been reconstructed and inaugurated as the “Wedding Tent”. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina inaugurated her via video conference from Ganobhaban on Sunday morning.

Before the Maidan Municipal Assembly was built, it was known as “Muktodda Rafikul Islam Bakul Municipal Muktamancha”. It is now given the full name “Mukjitoda Rafikul Islam Bakul Wedding Tent”.

The newly built yard is designed with an aesthetic design. The terracotta depicts the great liberation war, the speech of Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman on March 7, the struggle for freedom and the history of various movements. The platform is 48 feet long, 40 feet wide and 20 feet high. In front of him is an open field 116 feet long and 116 feet wide wrapped in green grass.

On the occasion of the inauguration, a rally was organized at the Wedding Tent. The speaker of the Committee for the Implementation of the Wedding Chatar and the director of Shilpagoshti Square, Bir Mukjtoda Anjan Chuduri, member of the Advisory Council of the Central League of Avami, Sahabudin Cupu, MP in the Pub for five constituencies, the President of the Pabna, Kamrul Hassan.

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