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In the human chain there is no man, the mother of children loves justice alone! …- 732223 | Caller Kanto

The number of people in the human chain is only four. The victim's mother, Raja Sultana, held the banner to the side. On the other hand, her big sister. Two children in both rounds. They are also sister of Aisha. These four people are searching in the human chain – they want justice for the murder of Aisha, raping rapists Nahid.

Mother Razia was standing with her children to seek a murder trial before the capital's press club on Monday. Ahazari said: "Who are you next to me? Looking at my mother (showing Aisha's image on Banner's baby), smiling at everyone." "Where is my government Ask me to help." "I want justice for raping my mother hanging. accused me of being charged, the police took money and talked about the defendant. I have no one. What should I do, Judge Chamu?

That afternoon, around 15:30, he asked for the rapist to be arrested in front of the press club. Over time, he complained about Ash's death, a son who lost forever. Some came and tried to stop him from screaming. But the work is not over. Finally, the police came to the house and sent them to Gentiya in a rickshaw.

On the evening of January 5, the neighbors saw Ayesha's bloody body, lying in front of the four-story building in front of the house at Dinnath Sen Road, Ganderri, in the evening. Aishah, a child living in poverty with his parents and three sisters. Aisha's parents go to work every morning. And the child playing on the track before the application for gender On the day of the incident, Ayesha went out to play. In the evening, his bloody frozen body was found lying.

The Ayesha family and local residents complained that a person named Nahid, 45, was killed after being raped by three children under four-storey buildings.
Said Aisha mom. Ali claimed that the owner of the four-storey house of the rapist and the killer of Aishah Nahid 53 / 1J Dinat Sen Road. He lives in a three-story building. Nahid took his apartment with the temptation to eat a poisonous meal. She was raped there. In the evening, Nahid threw Aisha from the apartment's open balcony. At that time, people from him heard the voice of Aisha.

He said the people from the area came and arrested Nahid after seeing the blood of Aisha. Ayesha's mouth was bleeding.

The following day (January 6th) of the incident, Idris Ali, father of the child, filed a case with the Gandaria police station. Then Nahid was arrested and produced in court. Nahid has voluntarily pleaded guilty to a confessional statement, filed a request to record an investigating officer for the case, the Henderia Police Station Aaron Har Rashid. But later, Nahid refused to make a statement. Subsequently, Metropolitan Metropolitan Daca Dinara Cair Jesse ordered him to be sent to prison.

Varian zone DC Mohammad Farir Uddin said the defendant was arrested. He was injured when he was seriously injured in the attack, is now in hospital. The list of charges will be given soon.

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