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In the evenings the coast can hit

Strong cyclone Bulbul could hit the coast of Bangladesh and India later this evening. It can slip between Kepupara to Pathuhali in the Bangladesh part of the Indian Ocean coast.

The Sunnis of both countries are located in this area. As a result, the Cyclone as a "Cedar" is likely to cross the Suburbs. But the "bulge" is changing direction. Because of this, the meteorologist did not confirm when the report was written at 9 pm on Friday.

However, they say, the wind speed can be between 5 and 5 km per hour as it crosses the Bulbul coast. And, the maximum wind speed can go up to 5 km. At present, the speed of the light bulb in the Bay of Bengal is from 120 to 5 km / h. Before you cross the shore, something may weaken. The Bangladesh and India Meteorological Department released the data.

Bangladeshi meteorologist Abdur Rahman Khan said the cyclone could hit the Kulana-Barisal region of Bangladesh from midnight to midnight today. Part of that can be extended to the Suns of India. However, there is a possibility of weakening just before you hit the shore.

Butit Professor at the Institute for Water Management and Flood Management. AKM Sayed Islam told Fugentar that the speed of the bulb had suddenly increased. It was forecast to cross the coast around midnight on Saturday. But now it looks like it might crash about an hour ago. As such, it can be hit immediately after dusk. Will start from noon to noon. Its effect can be found in Dhaka.

Scientists from the Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD or Bangladesh Metrology Department) have announced that there will be storms in 6 districts off the coast. Of these, 7 areas are at high risk. Storms can cause storms of winds up to 4-4 feet higher than normal tides and islands in coastal areas and neighboring islands and territories. In this case, hazard number 3 was issued at the ports of Mongla and Dove.

Danger signal number 4 was issued at Chittagong port and local number 3 at Bazar port in Cox. A warning has been issued all over the coast. To protect people's lives, the government has already completed all preparations. Holidays have been postponed by all government officials in the 22 ministries, including the Water Development Board.

So far, 6 shelters have been opened off the coast. The rivers caused by the light bulbs are the result of time. The country's rivers are also increasing. Fishermen are already banned from going to sea. The ferry and ferry began operating at around 8pm on Friday. Thousands of tourists are stuck in St. Martin. Police and volunteers are deployed to warn the coast.

Meteorologist Abul Kalam Malik said the cyclone is divided into four parts, with wind speeds higher than the right. Along with this is a carbonated aquifer. Most worrying is the tide in the ocean at the time of the strike. Then the tide rose. BUET Environmental Scientist Dr. AKM, Safeye Islam, said Bulbul is still in the Category 2 cyclone. The impact will be felt across the northwest and midwest, including the entire southern region.

But it is also true that it is difficult to predict in advance the full extent of the cyclone. Because such a storm can change course at any time. So we have to be extremely careful.

Bulbul is still at sea, but its impact on the country is starting to make an impact. Because of the light bulbs, the face of the sky from Friday noon. The sky was covered with gray clouds in different parts of the earth, including Dhaka. After noon, there were heavy rains in coastal areas, including Dhaka. And the impact of light bulbs in coastal areas will be even greater. The glow of air has already begun. The height of the waves in the sea also increased.

According to BMD, the cyclone was reported at 12 noon on Friday at 4km south-southwest of Chittagong Port, 3km south-southwest of Kozar Bazar, 5km southwest of Port Mongla and 5km southwest of the port of Pigeon. At 5 km from the center of the cyclone, the constant wind speed is 5 km, increasing to 120 km in the form of gust or wind.

In the meantime, the government has made enormous preparations to protect people's lives from the horrors of the cyclone bulb and destruction. State Minister for Disaster Management and Assistance Enamur Rahman attended a news conference on Friday. He said the cyclone could hit the southwest of the country from Saturday night to midnight. It washes the coast at a speed of 120 km / h. Now heading to the Suburban. However, there is no danger of major damage to crops. He said shelters in seven southwestern coastal areas are ready to deal with the loss of lives due to the impact of the cyclone bulb. At county and horror levels, there are 6,000 volunteers in the country. People will be evacuated 5 hours before the storm. However, a final decision on the matter will be made at a Secretariat preparation meeting at 5 pm this morning. Senior Secretary of the Ministry at a press conference. Representatives of the disaster management department, including Shah Kamal, were present.

The state minister also said that the districts of Kula, Satira, Bagherat, Barguna, Patuhahali, Pirojpur and Bola are considered risky. People have been evacuated to shelters in seven areas. Dry food is delivered to shelter centers with 20 packs. Meanwhile, the ministries' departments and upazilas districts have been canceled.

It was reported that movement of goods to various ports, including Chittagong, was normal on Friday. However, the housing was closed. At dusk, the cessation of cargo at the port of Mongolia was stopped.

The tropical storm "Matamo", which originates in the distant Pacific Ocean, landed in Vietnam by the end of October. The rest of the cyclone crossed Indonesia and reached the Indian Ocean, first light and then on November 8. Then it turned into a cyclone & # 39; bulbul & # 39;

Earlier on May 5, Orissa was hit by a cyclone. The next day he was weakened and struck in Bangladesh.

Bola: It was raining Friday morning. Red Crescent activists and the CPP are sure that everyone is safe in rivers and valleys. But ignoring the warning, many fishermen are fishing in the river. Around noon, fishermen carried nets and trailers to rivers and seas in the hope that more fish would be available in rain and disaster. Deputy Commissioner Mohammed Masoud Alam Siddiq canceled the rest of all officials after meeting at a disaster preparedness meeting. Three control rooms have been opened in one of the terrains, including the Deputy Commissioner's Cabinet. Three cyclone shelters have been prepared for people and 1 Mujib fortress for livestock. 12 medical teams have been formed.

Pathuhali, Dakshina, Kalapara and Mirzaganj: The scattered showers continued from Friday night to Friday. Deputy Commissioner. Motley Islam Shoudi said all preparations have been made to combat the cyclone. The secretary-general of the Mahipur Fishery Traders Association, Naimai Chandra Das, said the fishermen's association had asked the fishermen to return to the shelter. On the way back to shore, Bellal Hossein (1), missing from a trailer at sea, disappeared. He fell off the trailer of JB Ma Kulsum in the Bay of Bengal on Friday morning, near Haaubagan. Mr Aaron said there were 5 fishermen in the trailer. Belal stood behind everyone. He suddenly lost control of the trailer due to a surge of waves.

Barguna, South, Taltali, Patargata and Betagi: Rainy days prevail Thursday night. The sky was covered with heavy clouds and it rained from night to night. On Friday afternoon, Deputy Commissioner Mostine Bilach called an emergency meeting. There, he said, all preparations have been made to tackle the cyclone. All executive officers in Uzila are instructed to conduct regular supervision. All anglers and boats are asked to be in a safe place. Meanwhile, six cyclone shelters are set up in Patargata. The five trailers fishing at Taltali at sea did not return to shore.

Barisal: There was heavy rain on Friday. At an emergency meeting to tackle the cyclone, Deputy Commissioner SM Azizar Rahman said there were 212 cyclone shelters in the area. If necessary, we will use various educational institutions and government buildings for safe haven. Volunteers from various NGOs, including the Red Crescent Program (PPP), Red Crescent, are also preparing. In addition, members of the legislature, fire department and Rover Scouts are ready for any kind of assistance. The CPP runs a cautious campaign. In addition, there are 20 metric tonnes of rice, dried food and basic relief items.

Satihira: The sky has been cloudy since morning. It starts to increase with the rain. At an emergency meeting held in the evening of the deputy commissioner's conference room, SM Deputy Commissioner Mustafa Kamal said the warning had been issued at coastal facilities. Twenty-two shelters have been set up. Adequate rice, dry food, drinking water, medicines were kept ready with the help of disaster victims.

Baugerhat and Mongla: The 100th year of the traditional Sandabans Festival has been announced under the influence of Bulbul. At the same time, authorities have begun work on returning tourists staying in Subarbans, along with 5,000 fishermen from rural Dobla Schotki in Subarbans. A meeting of the disaster management committee on Friday afternoon at the initiative of the Baergerhat district administration said the cyclone shelter, 24 medical teams, 5 control rooms and all public-service vacations had been canceled to deal with the cyclone. In addition, hundreds of volunteers from the Red Crescent, the fire department and private development agencies were instructed to be ready for the meeting.

Pirojpur and Nazirpur: Public life has been thunderous since Thursday night. Deputy Commissioner Abu Ali Saljad Hossein. At that time, various solutions to disaster management were adopted. Project Implementation Officer (PIO) of Nazirpur Upazila. Israfil said there are about 5,000 people living in 4 shelters in five unions of the Hungarians.

Chittagong: Operating activities at Chittagong port have been declared closed due to the abundant sea. Alarm-1 on port is issued. If such a signal is issued, all operational activities at the port shall be stopped in the event of potential damage. Meanwhile, the Chittagong County administration is preparing to tackle the cyclone.

There are 3 shelters open. Thousands of educational institutions have been set up as cyclone emergency shelters. In addition, 20 medical teams have been established in the area. The decision was made at an emergency meeting of the District Disaster Management Committee at the Chittagong Circuit House Conference Center in the evening. Chittagong's deputy commissioner, Mohammed Elias Hossein, chaired the meeting.

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