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In one day, the number of patients with dengue increased to about 20

The number of patients treated with dengue increased by 5 percent during the day. The same trend has been observed in the increasing number of patients in and out of Dhaka city. However, receptions outside of Dhaka are large. Two more people died of dengue.

According to the Center for Emergency Health Operations and the Government Control Room, the number of new patient admissions in the last 24 hours is 6,000. Of these, six were affected in Dhaka City and 12 outside Dhaka City. During one day, the number of patients increased to about two and a half.

The deceased are identified as Rayna Begum, 28, and Jamidul Islam, 6, who have been suffering from dengue for the past 24 hours. The first light is reported on the deaths of 42 people who suffered from dengue while undergoing treatment. As a government, the number of people infected with dengue is 5.

Jamamapur clothing worker Raina Begum died at her home on Sunday after suffering from dengue fever. His home is in the village of Akandapara, Doyanganja Un.

Rain's mother, Khina Begum, told the first light that the rains had infected fever in Dhaka. He was later brought to the village house on 7 August. He was taken to Dewanganj Upazila Health Complex on 1 August after falling ill. From there, the doctors transferred him to the Memensing Medical Hospital. The rain was brought to the farmhouse last Saturday night without the hospital authorities feeling better than before. He died yesterday morning.

Gautam Roy, a civil surgeon from Jamamapur, told First Light that the Begum rain was contaminated with dengue. He was sent to Meninghall Medical College Hospital for advanced treatment.

On the same day, Hamidul Islam, son of Iqbal Hossein from Chandra Uttarpara village, Jamemalpur Sadar, died of dengue. He is a master in this profession. Hamidul Islam's brother, Saeed Islam, said that Hamidul Islam suffered from fever for three days. The dengue tests were performed at a local clinic in the town of Alpampur last Saturday to reduce fever. He went to Jamampur General Hospital for emergency treatment shortly after Deng was diagnosed. He was transported from the emergency department to the Mimensing Medical Hospital. He died about 1 o'clock yesterday while being treated at a hospital in the Medical College.

Gautam Roy, a civil surgeon in Jamamapur, said in the first light: "We have heard about Hamidul Islam. However, I still could not confirm. He will be sent to the health department to inquire about him. "However, Hamidul has the first light to treat dengue.

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