Wednesday , June 16 2021

In an exciting match, the Dutch flew from France and the Netherlands

The Netherlands defeated France in the League of UEFA nationals, drawing against Germany in the last five minutes of the plays. Durra reached a 2-2 draw against Germany before being kicked out. As a result, the French semifinal was confirmed that due to lack of qualifications, the team could not play at the World Cup.

On Monday evening, in group A of the league "A", the two teams faced two goals in the Vertsians and Arena in Germany.

Germany goes ahead in the 9th minute of the match in Germany. Timo Verna gave the team the lead. Leroy Saint's goal was doubled in the 19th minute.

In the second half of the match, desperate to return to the match, the goal was not observed. But in the last five minutes they see the shock. In the 85th minute after the Premier, Virgil van Daak scored in the 90th minute to give the team 2-2 goals.

Earlier, the Netherlands won 3-0 in the first game. Before Germany, the "B" league calmed down. France and the Netherlands scored 7 points out of 4 matches. But, heading head to head, Duhra entered the title.

The top four group A teams will participate in the tournament titles in June next year. Group-2 in Switzerland, Group 3 in Portugal and Group-4, England confirmed the last four.

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