Sunday , January 17 2021

Imrul does not think about retirement right now

The announcement was made in 2019 by the World Cup in Bangladesh. Imrul Keyes, who has 11 years of playing for the national team, did not play after the discussion. His fans-fans can not agree not to be in his team. Many people are re-thinking that Emalah may be retiring.

But in order to avoid such a discussion of people, Imrul said that he is not considering retirement now. If you have problems, continue playing. He told these words Wednesday (April 17th) on the social networking site of the Imrul check site (April 17th).

In one post, Imrul wrote:I've seen one thing for a couple of days, many people ask me, I retire from cricket! This is really sad news for me. In my 11-year international career, I am always trying to give good stuff to people in the country and in the country! I was successful with the blessings of God and I failed. But if Bangladesh can give 1% and something for cricket, then I feel selfish.

"Cricket is my love, I left the World Cup team, it does not mean that the cricket will be canceled. Whenever I want to go out, I will make every effort to give something to Bangladesh. Everyone will be with me and will pray for me. I would like to thank all my fans and hackers!

In the 11-year career of Bangladesh, Imul scored 784 ODIs in 32.02 and scored 2.344 races. He scored four centuries and 16 half-lives. The highest score was 144 times from his bat.

Bangladesh Time: 1122 hours, April 17, 2019

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