Sunday , June 13 2021

Imran X Sarkar comes in public relations … – 706276 Caller Kanto

Because my area will disappear into the river. Because there is no employment opportunity in my area. So poverty rates are on the rise. Because the development of my area was inequality and the representatives of the previous people failed to do the job properly. So I decided to choose from my constituency Kurigram-4 (Romari, Rajibur, Chilmari) for the general public. I will go to the area tomorrow to start the election campaign.

Today, Ghanaagaran Mancha spokesman Imran X Sarkar announced the status of his Facebook page. If you want to find out more about this, Imran X Sarker told Caler Kanto: "I will go to my constituency from morning to morning. When he reached this area, he went to the house of Rajibur for the title Beer Pratik entitled Tarman Bibi in the liberation war and inquired about his health.At the same time, I will pray for him.I will start my election campaign with blessings.Therefore, there are different caps and populated areas of Rumari upazila and go to my village at home in the evening .

Earlier, there was confusion about the incident that Imran H. Sarkar came to the eleventh parliamentary election. It is known to participate in the elections as an independent candidate. The news of his arrival in the area has already received enormous interest and enthusiasm among ordinary people. We hope people will get a lot of public relations.

Imran H. Sarkar also said that, at the request of the people from my area, I participate in the parliamentary elections as independent candidates. In this case, I took seriously the request of people from my area. I work for the common man, I work for the common man. In this case, you want to change the treasures of the poor people in the area. The neglected development would like to be used to develop deprived areas. Especially in the continuous erosion of the Brahmaputra Sonawari river, thousands of hectares of land are lost every year. People lost their homes due to a breakdown. From my work, I have to take part in the election campaigns from the side people in the area.

They were at college, I was a League of BKL. After selecting an independent candidate, I will go to the league. "Many people on the market met with Imran X Sarkar. A salesman named Sahibor Rahman said:" Even if the boy is a man, Imran has many names in the country. We all need to vote for him.

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