Saturday , April 17 2021

Imam killed in clashes between the two sides over the payment of the money to the mosque

Following the Jumma prayer at Gaibandha, Imam was killed by Abdul Karim Munshi (65) in connection with the money laundering bills of the mosque committee on Friday. He is the son of the late Taslim Uddin from the village of Fakirpar Dim Padmashahar from the home and the imam of the Vita Yami Mosque from the same union.

It is known that there has been a clash between the two sides of the mosque commissions at the end of the prayer of Jumma after the prayer of Jumma in Dima Padmohar of the Firapira Jamie mosque in the area on Friday. Abdul Karim Munshi (65) Gurtwar was injured in the opponent's attack. When he was brought to the doctor at Bonnarpara in upazila, the doctor declared him dead. Inspector of the Bonparparada Police Investigation Center Mokhlersur Rahman, ASI Mizanur Rahman visited the site. The son of the victim, Hamidullah Hake, filed a complaint with the police station against the defendant for 6 people. It is known that the dead body is preparing to send "Gaybund Morg" until the report is ready.

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