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I'm Hindu, Yoy Muslim: Apu believes

NewsGee Journalist, October 9, 21, 6:19 pm

Apu Biswas, the popular heroine of Dhaka cinema, is currently discussing religious matters. Recently, several media outlets reported that he claimed to be a Hindu. Contrary to his earlier comment. Because he has said for years that he practiced Islam after marrying Hakib Khan. You prayed and fasted.

Then why is Apu Biswas now claiming to be a Hindu again? He replied. When I came on live radio, Apu Biswas said: "I prayed, I fasted; These are true But I did not accept Islam. I am Hindu from birth. My name is Apu Biswas. My passport, ID card are everywhere by this name and religion like Hindu.

In this context, Apu also clarified the victory of Jakib-Apur's only child, Abram Khan. He said his name is Abram Khan Yoy. And all his works contain the religion of Islam.

Meanwhile, another rumor has spread about Apu's faith. That is, he married the painter Bappie Hoody. On this issue, Apu said, I have no thoughts on marriage. Bapi is also one of my very young artists. Yes, age may be the same for me. But why would I go to marry a younger artist? Apu has a level of faith. In fact, after Haqqib Khan I first worked with Bappi, so people take things a little differently. But yes, we will get married in the movie. Everyone will go and enjoy our wedding invitation.

Asked to marry home, Apu Biswas did not appreciate it. He said: "I have a lot of matches. All my thoughts are now about Joy. My only goal is to make him a good person.

Contextually, Apu Biswas and Bappi Shoudi worked together in the movie "Sasurabari Zindabad 2". It is managed by Debashish Biswas.

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