Sunday , October 17 2021

I love Rohamana: Sushmita

Sushmita Sen and Rohman Shal

Bollywood actress Sushmita Sen Long live the light. Although it did not work, it was time to get to the news for various reasons, "Sirf Tuumaka."

Recently in the Bollywood industry a new whisper about Sushmita began. Sushmita will take the mind with a young man named Rohini Shal. It was visible in almost all places in various places. A few days ago they visited the Taj Mahal.

Sushmita shared a photo of Rohani Shawl's "Lover" in Diwali. Then the buzz increased more. A Bollywood actress spilled water on all the rumors, publishing Instagram. He said the words of his mind. "width =" 1000 "height =" "/></p>
<p>When posting a movie with his own bodybuilding, Sushmita wrote: "When the whole world is busy gossiping, I'm busy doing this, I'm not getting married, but I love Rohaman. Everyone loves so much."</p>
<p>Sushmity fans were relieved by this post. After that there was no doubt about her marriage. This sincere confession of Sushmita has won everyone's mind. Many people wrote: "Your honesty is dry, the truth is true."</p>
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