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How much can a Birthday Party cake cost, which is beyond your imagination !!

Birthday cakes cost about four lakh rupees. KK's photo hovering on social media. So expensive for such a birthday cake? This question may arise! The answer will also answer. The cake Nick organizedonas recently organized on Friendly's birthday was worth four lacs. Priyanka Chopra Jonas celebrated her 4th birthday on July 4th. Nick Asonas, the heroine's husband, celebrated the birthday of Piggy Chops in Miami. Finka's "Five Tear" cake reduces birthday photos to social media celebrities

It is reported that on the birthday, the costume of the Red and Gold Cakes made from the color of the dress is reportedly US $ 4, which means four lacquer tacks in Indian currency. The creator of this cake is one of Miami's most revered bakers, "Divine Delicious Cookies."

In addition to Nick Asonas at this birthday celebration in Miami, this birthday celebration in Miami was attended by the mother of Friend Madhu Chopra, sister Parinetti Chopra and several other friends. Nick shared on social media photos of the birthday celebration of Friend, wrote: & # 39; Light of my world. My whole heart. I love you baby. Happy Birthday. The girlfriend married American singer Nick Asonas on December 5 last year.

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