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Hitman will make a double century on Thursday … – 731930 Caller Kanto

Rohit Sharma made a double century in three ODI ODIs with a bat. Before another double-age career in Thursday. He will win the 200th international match against New Zealand in a 50-point format. Rohit will lead India in the 200th ODI series, due to regular captain Virat Kohl.

He will play 200 one-day days like the 14th cricket in India. Previously, 79 international players played 200 ODIs. 80th cricket to be Roit Sahin Tendulkar (463 ODIs) is at the top of the list. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (334) and Virat Kohli (222) are other contributors to Rochit's teammates.

Debut at Roit vs. Ireland in 2007 was a one-day cricket. He was not successful until 2012. In 1978, he scored 30.43 in 86 games. Who was 2nd century. He was named after the midfield. Captain Mahendra Singh Done brought him to the opening before the Champions Trophy in England in 2013. That decision changed Rohit's career. Since then, Rohit has scored 5821 series of 113 matches, an average of 60. Including 20 centuries.

It should be noted that, after entering the opening, Rohit scored three and a half centuries in his career. Eden scored 264 against Sri Lanka in this form of the World Record He also played 209 against Australia and scored an undefeated 208 against Sri Lanka. Recently, Rohit admitted that his decision to open a day of cricket changed his career.

Not only as a batsman, but as a captain, Rohit's record is energetic. 7 out of the eight ODIs that have won an advantage. Last year, under the leadership of Rohit, India became the champion of the Asian Cup. In these 8 matches, Rohit scored 106.8. Of which there are two centuries. He scored 160 races in only three of the series against New Zealand, including two half centuries. Hamilton's captain, Rohit Sharma, will show the magic of waiting for fans.

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