Thursday , January 21 2021

“He should write Jan Rita Batacharia”, Kumar Sanu’s advice to his son | Sangbad Pratidine

News Daily digital desk: The bitterness of Kumar Shanu’s relationship with his son has once again come to light. The boy insulted him as he left Big Boss 14. This time Kumar Sanu gave the boy “advice” to remove part of his father’s name from his name. Ian Kumar Sanu, the son of a Bollywood star singer, said in a recent interview that his mother made his three brothers human. Kumar Shanu gave such “advice” to his son in light of his statement.

What exactly did the singer say? Kumar Shanu opened his mouth about this while giving an interview to an Indian media. In his words, “I heard him talk in an interview and at the Big Boss house, his mother is a father and a mother. I appreciate her respect for her mother. But he needs to change his name to Jan Rita Batacharia (Rita Batacharia). Because above all, Rita did a lot for him. Second, if you put my name, people will compare it to me. “It’s not good for a newcomer.”

[আরও পড়ুন: আর্থিক সমস্যায় হয়নি চিকিৎসা, প্রয়াত ‘সসুরাল সিমর কা’ খ্যাত অভিনেতা আশিস রায়]

Earlier, Jan Kumar Shanu was accused of making derogatory statements about the Marathi language in “Big Boss”. From that time the father-son conflict arose. Kumar Shanu objected to the boy’s comment. He said in a video message: “I heard my son Jan say something very bad. What I have never imagined these 40-41 years. “He has made it clear that he has not lived with his son for 26 years. What his ex-wife Ritai taught his son. In other words, he almost directly removed himself from engaging in the debate about the boy.

Jan Kumar Shanu recently opened his mouth in response to his accusations. In his words, “Only my mother made our three brothers human. I do not know why my father never promoted me as a singer. There are many stars in the industry who are divorced and remarried. But he has never neglected his children for so long. “He mocked his father that no one had the right to question his upbringing and education. Kumar Shanu said this out of pride after his son’s comment. Which explained the record of the relationship between the two.

In addition to mocking the boy, Kumar Shanu said the claim that he had done nothing for his wife and children was not true. In his words, “I met Jan before entering the house of the big boss. Then he told me, I did nothing for them. But the fact is, during the divorce, I gave Rita everything she wanted. “Even my first bungalow.”

[আরও পড়ুন: ‘আমার শিক্ষা নিয়ে প্রশ্ন করার অধিকার ওঁর নেই’, বাবাকে বিঁধে মন্তব্য জান কুমার শানুর]

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