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Haral Bar to the famous Cadiz, a relief victory for Real

Returning to La Liga after 15 years, Barcelona lost 2-1 to Cadiz. Even in the list of points, the unknown team left the Catalan giant behind. On the other hand, Real Madrid returned from the field of Sevilla that night with the relief of victory.

The coach of Cadiz announced fast football to beat Bar-a, who are ahead by strength. However, his team could not show its reflection on the field. But they won a great victory. The team recorded its first victory since 1991 against Bar-a, with four points ahead of Ronald Koeman’s team on the points table.

C-diz passed with Alvaro Jimenez’s goal on Saturday night. After that, Barça equalized with the suicide goal of the opposing player Alcala. But former Manchester City star Alvaro Negredo gave the hosts a chance to celebrate by scoring the winning goal, forgetting to protect the visitors.

Throughout the match, Bar-a could do nothing but keep one possession. In the eighth minute of the match, Bar’s defender, Oscar Mingesa, headed into his own net and tried to prevent the ball from entering the small D-box with Fallo’s head in the corner. Jimenez sent the ball into the net with a crane, but goalkeeper Ter-Stegan tried to block it.

Even in the second half, Barja could not see the goal even though they were attacking one after the other with possession of the ball. Then in the 56th minute of the match Messi equalized with a suicide goal. After bringing Messi’s pass into the D-box, Alba shot the foot of defender Pedro Alcala from the left side and caught in the net. However, the relief from the return of equality did not last long.

In the 63rd minute, Alba threw his teammate Longl in his penalty area, but the French defender failed with the ball. Then Ter Stegen hurried to save the team. The goalkeeper of Bar also failed … This time, Negredo first took the ball from him and with the second touch wrapped it in the net.

The match brought bad luck for Barja. Because the team scored a total of 21 shots, of which 10 Messi scored alone. The goalkeeper of Cadiz blocked five. There is an error in the protection. However, Cadiz is also commendable, as the team that made only six shots (three of which were on goal) with only 16 percent possession of the ball, grabbed the victory only with a counter attack.

Real Sevilla, unbeaten (two defeats, one draw) in three consecutive games that night, won 1-0 at home. However, the emphasis was not so much on the performance of Karim Benzema-Madrid, but on the touch of happiness. Zidane’s team opened the scoring in the second half with a suicide goal by Sevilla goalkeeper Yassin Bono.

In the 55th minute of the match, the Brazilian striker of Real, Vinicius, hit lightly with the slide after the ball was extended in the D-box of Ferland Mandir. The goalkeeper of Sevilla could not collect the ball from the goal line. As a result, the ball crossed the goal line.

With this, Real Madrid climbed to third place with 20 points in 11 matches. Atletico Madrid, which beat Real Valladolid 2-0 the same night, is at the top with 26 points from 10 matches. Real Sociedad has 24 points from more than one match. Cadiz is in fifth place with 16 points from 12 matches with five wins and three draws. Barcelona, ​​which played two matches less, is in seventh place with 14 points.

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