Friday , April 16 2021

Government grants received five feature films

In order to get a fair and good quality film from 1976-77 fiscal year, government funds are introduced into home movies. Since 2010, the amount of money for donations is Tk 35 lakh and technical benefits of 10 lakh rupees. Now the amount of donation has increased to Tk 60 lakh. Recently, the Ministry of Information issued a circular to foster creativity and talent in the film industry to support the independence and liberation of culture, the values ​​of human life-oriented, elegant and silpamanasamrddha by the government to facilitate the construction of full length films, sarbasam films committee grants 201819 fiscal year, based on the decision of children's section 1, section 5 of documentaries and films selected two branches of the government decided to donate. Information from the Ministry of Information, according to director of Abu Raihan Md. Pearls "Nusu robber knocking" Humayara Bilkis Bilkis, Bilkis and Purabi received donations in the documentary
Matiner "Helahar". In addition to the film, Sarah Begum Kabir's film "Aa Ish Theo" received grants besides Peace Sabir, "Nata Jaga Joke", Akram Khan's "widow conversation", production by Kazi Masoud and Hosni Mubarak Rumi "Anastastica", Luci Anam Production and directed by Hry Huck 1971 These days. "It is known that in these films, the famous actress Sarah Begum Cory received the third grant in 2018-2012 for the third time by submitting the script of the film" This is you. "On Thursday, the Ministry of Information informed that during the current fiscal year, his film received a grant of Tk 50 lakh In addition to managing this film story, dialogue, script and poetry, he submitted the government donation script, according to the rules, a resignation commission from a grant committee of then MP Kavari Actress, who received lifelong honors, did not receive a grant from the media. Finally, he received a grant. Meanwhile, for the first time, filmmaker Mir Sabir and actress Hriday Huck will make the film on the screen.

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