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General Directorate of Islamic Foundation

Islamic Foundation DG Samim Mohamad Afzal Image File

Islamic Foundation (EFA) Director General Sami Mohammad Afzal went on a three-day holiday in protest of the resignation and resignation of officials and employees. On Tuesday, Islamic Foundation's secretary Kazi Nurul Islam was informed of the untimely absence. However, the IFA secretary described the Disney holiday issue as ridiculous.

Officials and employees of the organization launched a strike at the headquarters of the Islamic Foundation yesterday and demanded the resignation of Sami Afzal. The company's "chain of command" has been terminated. Mohammad Afzal, himself, requested a three-day leave to Secretary Iftar without resigning to deal with the situation.

Meanwhile, the state minister for religion Sheikh MD. Abdullah urged the Director General to resign at a press conference in the secretariat at a press conference in the Secretariat. He said: "If Shoudhuddy appears, I hope he will withdraw himself."

It is learned that all employees in EPA are shocked by the massive corruption, abuse and abuse of DG Samim Mohamad Afzal, which have been agreed in the last 10 years. In the last week, iftaa is going deadlock. At the request of his resignation, officials and staff at the Islamic Foundation's office held a session yesterday. It was attended by confidential officials of the DCBI and its relatives. Everyone deserves the resignation of General.

Even those who tried to remove important secret corruption files from Dice, the director also left Washington and went to the protesters. Participants of "Nitya Sighing Production Manager" Shah Alam, Bhagiran Reyonul Alam and others were seen participants in the program.

Activists Mohiuddin Majumder said the program will continue until the GD resigns. He said the DU will not be allowed to enter the corrupt enterprise in this institution.

It should be noted that on June 10 the Ministry of Justice issued a notice on the cause of corruption in case of corruption, abuse of power and arbitrariness. The Ministry of Religions was asked to write in writing within seven working days why it would not be notified to the high authority to cancel the agreed employment. The incident occurred on the occasion of the suspension of Mohammad Mohiuddin Majmumdar, director of the Islamic Foundations Mosque Markets Department.

State Minister Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah said on Saturday, Islamic Foundation (SAE) Director General Sami Mohammad Afzal on Saturday at the weekend, and told him to resign from his office. The next day he went to the Islamic Foundation and tried to hide the government's 50 important dossiers. At that time, officials and employees of the Foundation prevented him. If the matter was immediately notified to the Prime Minister's General Secretary's Cabinet, the Prime Minister's Cabinet was strictly informed, in any way, he (Samim Mohamad Afzal) could not move files.

The state minister said: "There is no other way than the resignation of the Islamic Foundation's DOC (Director General)." He also believes that his responsibility should be explained to everyone.

"Daisy Salika, grandson, granddaughter, nostalgic Islamic foundation"

The nurse of the Islamic foundation, grandson, grandson, grandson and granddaughter are almost all first-class servants. With the appointment of 21 relatives, the claim to form the Islamic Foundation in the family organization was raised against Mr. Samim Mohamad Afzal.

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After joining in 2009, they were appointed by various irregularities. During his term as DG, he had only one of his relatives in the Islamic Foundation, Bhaiyara Bhai Syed Shah Emran (Assistant Director). Now almost everyone around him is his closest relative. Not only did you miss the relationship with relatives. Friends, even girlfriends and daughters do not exclude kinship. ACC is investigating corruption against him. Corruption and financial transactions in recruiting 2.20 teachers and field supervisors, irregularities in the TA-DA sector of the Islamic mission, putting into operation of 560 boards, launching legal advisory functions, legal counseling for a lawyer, buying money , robberies, promotion of corruption and violations of the jaits Regarding the rules.

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