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Funny comments about the Tollywood actress, the arrested youth

Tollywood actress Arumna Gough has long been anxiously commenting on her social site as a young man. On the basis of the lawsuit, a businessman from the area called Mukesh Kumar Sov was arrested and police at the police station arrested him. She has a grocery store in Gargaaf. When the detained Mukesh was brought before the court, the judge ordered the police to retain police custody by July 24th.

According to police sources, the comments on the arrest, the arrested young man Mukesh Kumar, Mauh Saha and other new fake accounts, actress Arumna Gosh is a serious note on the social page. The actress told the police that the young man who had abusive remarks about his Instagram had been in for almost six months. Only he did not stop there. The young man began to follow him.

Keep in mind that Arunima Ghosh is a Bengali film and television actress and model. He is a well-known face on the world television drama in West Bengal and the advertising model. During the incident, he first contacted Kalka's police. Later he complained about the laboratory cyber-cell network. Based on the complaint, the police investigated the case. After that, the comment from the actress's mobile. Police found him on the back and arrested a young man named Mukesh Kumar, and police at a police station at a police station arrested him.

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