Wednesday , April 21 2021

Female IPL at Jahanara

The women's tournament based on a franchise in India is called the "Women's Challenge for the Twenty-first", called Pastor Jahanara Alam of Bangladesh. The Bangladesh heaters will play for the team of speed. Jahanara Alam, Bangladesh's third player to play Bangladesh's Bangladesh franchise with all round Rumana Ahmed and coach Cadiul Kubra, who played last year's Twenty20 Women's League Women's Big Bash tournament, Former captain of India, Mitalie Raja, will leads the team of Velaositi to Zayan.
Jahanara Alam will leave for India to join the camp for the bikers on May 2nd. Tigress Pays will participate in both matches on May 8 and 9. If you win the final, then Jahanara will get a chance to play a few more matches. The final of the tournament will be held on May 11. All matches will be held in Jaipur. Jahanara Alam, who is excited about this tournament in India, said: "It's a great job for me to get a chance of such a tournament. I'm not just going to participate here." We hope we can get the chance to play. type tournament can be exchanged thanks to the Bangladeshi Cricket Board, thanks to the organizers. "Jayanara Alam from 30 watts in 35 ODIs for Bangladesh. And 39 wickets in 56 matches in the international T-Twenty
The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has launched a two-team Test Team in India last year to launch the IPL of the girls. The speed is added to the tournament with the previous two teams, Braiser and Supernova. There are four foreign players in the 13-member team.
The attack by Mitali Raya (Captain), Amelia Carr (New Zealand), Daniel Wat (England), Jahanara Alam (Bangladesh), Devika Bajdiya, Ekta Beast, Healy Matthew (West India), Kusal Janghar, Shefali Barma, Shiha Pandey, Verma (wicketkeeper), Ms. Devi Darvishini and Veda Krishnamurti.
Schedule of the OMens T-20 Challenge: May 6, Supernova-triple players, May 8, Trayleblazers-Velocity, May 9 Supernovas-Velocity, May 11 final.

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