Thursday , April 22 2021

Feel "with" Isha Yes!

What, the head of the note is crazy! Isha "sexual intercourse" with experience! Yes Yes; But this is not a sexual relationship, but a name for the film. Ash Saha signed a new image, and does not abandon the roles of the "sweater". The name of the photo is "sexual intercourse". Directed by Anjan Kannilal.

Anjana is primarily a theater personality in the world. It will be the first feature film. Although director Mann is a man of Calcutta, for the past 25 years, he is a resident of New Delhi. But in the first filming of his film in Calcutta.

The two main characters from the film are Isha and Anubhav Kanjilal. In connection with the picture, Kannilal said that today's generation is very unstable in the mentality. The expert survey has its own. As a result, the spread of the escape spread. Fearing to marry or to take on different responsibilities. Avoid Being Good In this mentality, we will try to show the contradiction between the two generations.

The story of sexual intercourse showed the difference between the two generations mentality. It is to think about previous generations of families. You need to be married or need to be stabilized. But today's generation does not believe in this. This is the absolute story of today Scenario, dialogue, manage with me The story is written by Sumana Kannilal. I wrote lyrics with lyrics. "Adding to Anjaan

Photo heroine Isha said that there is currently a generation Commitment phobia. Whether they can be done or not in the movie. Other people also have a story with their involvement. It's a little different from the pictures taken with Living Couplings. In my career the character is new More crying Sometimes anger goes badly. The director convinced me since the first day.

Although there is a feeling in the role of Living in the Kapel, but other important characters Rahul, Sini Gosh, Debalina Dut, Shuvishis Mukerje, Bislavit Chakraborti, Tulika Basu, Puhlad Sardar Batta Basu will be a guest star in a special role.


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