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Fearing to fly to many football planes in the case of Salar

Already dropped a week. However, I am not looking for Emilio Salar It is assumed that the plane is submerged in the English Channel. The 26-year-old Argentine striker, who arrived in Cardiff City as a passenger on board, came from France.

Lionel Messi, Diego Maradona, as well as many other football fans, also want to find. Special funds have also been created to save the rescue costs.

Everyone is convinced, all ends. Even in Santa Fe in Argentina, Salar's family is also maintained, there is no chance of survival. The painful perception is clear on Tuesday at the Emirates Stadium. Premier League matches as a name. Arsenal with 2-1 lost Cardiff City Pierre America Abumugo, who scored goals in the Laker line in Alexandria. Cardiff City 1-2 from the penalty during the match. Arsenal won Chelsea 47 points in 24 games

EPL is not interested in London football matches in London. Salah did not stay in the competition! Cardiff City named Salar to name the player in the list of honor. The Emarket Gallery fills the posters for Messi's fuzzy footballer. Whose emotional poetry one-one became emotional! "We've never seen you / have you done naked dear amyloans, you will love us a very beautiful blue bird / forever."

At the beginning of the game, the captain of both teams kept a bunch of colorful flowers in the memory of Salar, in the greenery on the ground. Cardiff City manager Neil Warnock was considered to be breaking up. Salah signed the Cardiff Initiative. "I spent the week with so many problems I did not say," he said. Silence is celebrated at the beginning of the game. Meanwhile, Cardiff City's Sul Bamma striker surprised everyone, saying many of the club's players are now afraid to fly on the plane due to the Salar incident.

But there was panic in the pain of pain. The son of the Santa Fe driver did not celebrate the boy's victory, Arsenal. Their captain, Lohan Cousins, recalled that after the terrorist attacks in Paris in 2015, the match between France and England, on the eve of the night, "the problems with the Bhabi will never return."

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