Friday , February 28 2020
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Fansen fans jump on Salman … (with video): – 802840 | The voice of time

The special screening was organized for the 26th anniversary of the Bollywood movie "Hum Upke Hai Kaun". On that special occasion, Manish Ball, Renuka Sahan, Salman Khan were present with Maduri Dixit. But when Salman Khan came out at the end of a special screening of the movie "Jum Unke Hai Kun", a woman suddenly jumped to the top of the security bar! He pulled Salman's hand.

Later, it was reported that female fans had done so to raise selfies with the Bollywood Bollywood. After grabbing his arm, Salman stretches out his hand. He didn't say a word. As seen in the video, Salman left the scene after some disturbance. The identity of the female supporter is not yet known.

It should be noted that in June this year a fan tried to approach Salman Khan with pressure on security officials. Salman Khan's security guard then tried to distance the fan. Watching what was going on at Salman's security guard. Wondering why his fans were being pushed, Bollywood's most dangerous bachelor hit the security guard. So, for the fans, how much of a man is Salman Khan? There is a lot of discussion on the social site.

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