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England beat England with six wickets

The two teams defeated the 33 six. Highest score in the history of the World Cup England also made the highest record of 25 in India. Is a personal record. England's captain, Eoin Morgan, scored the top 17 scorers in a single world record. Six such matches in England and Afghanistan were rain. England won with a huge difference of 150 races in the record. In the fourth game of the tournament, the team came to the top. On the other hand, Afghanistan went to a similar note from the World Cup.

The goal is mountainous. 398 things No team could win the World Cup by chasing a lot of things. The hard work for weak Afghanistan in Afghanistan against the World Cup finals in England was even more difficult. It is the result of the goal, which must be. They lost a huge margin. But in one stage, English basketball players reacted well. 198 runs away from 3 wickets But the team failed to keep pace, but the team collapsed eventually after the team collapsed.

After the defeat of Noor Ali Zadran, captain Rahim Shah made a 48th position with captain Gulbaddin Naib. After that, the 52s parked with Hasmatulah Shahidi after the captain's departure. But Afridi hoped for a third training, as Hassan and former captain Ashgur Afgan added 94 races to the third calendar. But if the team breaks the pair and if no one else can take on responsibility, the team will have to accept the higher rate. They could achieve 247 races in 8 wickets.

Hasad had the highest number of points in the team for 76 races. He scored five quarterfinal and two six through 100 balls. In addition, Rahmat has 46, Ashgar 44 and Gulbadin 37. Adil Rashid took three watt for England with 66 races. In addition, Zafara Archer and Mark Wood were two of these.

Earlier, captain of England Morgan chose to fly to win the throw. But the beginning does not fly in that sense. James Vince, 46, in only the first power game. Even then, the aggressor played him. At the end of the 23rd they were 118/1. But then the aggression began with Johnny Bairov. Joe Root made 120 things with Root

Afridi, captain of Gulbad Naib, caught in his hand with his catch Bajrov Then the field is called Morgan. Joe Way The two players scored 195 races. The biggest thing is that only 101 players played a ball to make this pair. Morgan was at the height of an Afghan martial attack Century touched only 57 Finally, a 71-run game played 71 games. 17 six in four The highest record of twenty-two in a day of cricket Chris Gayle, Rohit Sharma and AB de Villiers made 16 breaks in the record.

England a total of 25 six records for a maximum of six in innings. They struck 24 six against Vindis this year. In addition, 397 races at the World Cup also have the highest team score. Long ago, 386 races were the highest 6 watt against Bangladesh. Twenty-six came in all innings in innings Highest record of achievements in the innings.

Bayrov played 90 to 99 with 8 and three. Joe Roth scored 88 points from 82 balls. He went out to speed up the exhausted. Otherwise, this year's tournament almost gave his third century. In the end, Mine Ali scored 31 goals in 31 balls with nine four and four six. Gulbadin and Daulat Zadran received 3 penalties for Afghanistan.

Rashid Khan made a shameful record. He spent 110 races in 9 medals. At the World Cup, the knife-factory named it as the most fruitful boiler. Record for most runs in 10 overs was given by Aussie paceman Mick Lewis. In 2006, he scored 113 races in the 10th match against South Africa.

Short Score:

England: 50 vs. 397/6 (Vince 26, Bairov 90, Ruth 88, Morgan 148, Butler 2, Stoke 2, Moin 31, Oaks 1 * Mujb 0/44, Daulath 3/85, Nabi 0/70, Gulbadin 3/68, mercy 0/19, Rashid 0/110).

Afghanistan: 50 overs, 247/8 (Nur Ali 0, Gulbadin 37, Rahmat 46, Hasmat 76, Asghar 44, Nabi 9, Najibullah 15, Rashid 8, Ekram 3 *, Dowlat 0 *, Oaks 0/41, Archer 3/52, Moin 0/35, Wood 2/40, Stokes 0/12, Adil 3/66).

Results: England won 150 races.

Man of the match: Eoin Morgan (England).

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