Friday , April 16 2021

Endgame "is a new beginning?

Social media was not exactly convinced by watching a video on Facebook. The shopping center of the town of Bashundara entered a group of young people. "Avengers: Endgame" is a commercial photo of Marvel Cinematic Universe, which appears in the capital of Pantapatha Star CinePlace. The viewer racing to buy this photo-ticket

What a surprise! While most of the movie's films are closed to the public unwanted, there are such scenes in the capital!

Fighting for a ticket, standing in front of the front of the rostrum at night, they were used to see at the Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla stadium just before the Bangladesh match. The rookie to see the movie again in Duck? Incredibly! However, a few days ago, the film exhibition committee in Bangladesh told the decision to close theaters in the country. In the first light of today's entertainment page, when I see the title, "From the borrower to the ticket" – the mind gets better.

Back in the '90s, when we grew up in a mufusil, some cinematographers just waited for a ticket. No one will ever want to believe the story of how much he fights, which would generate lots of fights and rumors.

Remembering another line of the movie "Avengers: Enemy", I remember another incident. Eight years ago, New Delhi went to cover clearly the football tournament. A hotel in Paharganj in New Delhi, we had a movie theater. Then, he was released on "Dirty Picture" with William Balan.
We went to see the journalists who would cover the tournament from Dhaka. Show at 21:00. But I went a little earlier. The scene I saw in the evening break, led me to a shocking childhood. Let's see, hundreds of motorcycles tied in the parking lot hall for a movie When the movie is over, a man and a woman will go home after driving a motorcycle. Someone has a few months of childhood. As a motor in the movie, we used bicycles in theaters in our area! There were only two hijackers in the parking lot. Cycling was going from the city to the district. Even the moffillary police station saw hundreds of bicycles in the parking lot. But now these movie halls may be closed.

Last month, the editor of the first light, Motiir Rahman, wrote an excellent report titled "Want to see the whole world, open all the windows". The words that the words of cinematography see on mind This is Bangladesh's audience, who will not be the car chief, whose responsibility?
Again, these visitors stand in the night for tickets. So what does that mean?
We want to see the film. But do not get a favorite movie. And because they do not have a favorite movie, the audience is shrinking. One of the many reasons for losing viewers of films in Bangladesh, this is not a favorite movie. In this city, Dhaka, I went to see the movie and I did not get a ticket. In Star Cineplex Bashundhara, I did not get a ticket for "Mirabaji", and the next day I saw the image in Shyamoli Cineplex. "Goddess", "Daan", "Mirabage" – all these films are seen, but most of the visitors have seen it. Although many commercially produced film producers are now afraid to publish the film. The movie theater owners are considering to close halls in panic.

If a Hollywood image gets censorship at an exhibition in Bangladesh, then why will not Indian, Iranian, Turkish and Korean classic films be published in Bangladesh? If we do not see and watch our film stop? An unpublished movie on thousands of sites on the Internet. Whenever you want to directly watch movies or download movies. So, the movie does not stop looking. Just stop watching movies in the movie.

Let's say about the recently released film "Phagoon Hawa" or "If One Day". Right now the film is released in both films. Goddess is released into the bioscope. If you want to see these movies on your own mobile phone or laptop. Many other countries in the world are released online this way. Once again, you see the audience in the country. This habit is reduced only in our country. But if the owner of the hall gets used to the hands of this new generation, what is the damage?
And if you really want to see the movie "All windows can be opened in this way, then who knows, maybe every movie in the country that was inundated to see" Vedic Girl Joss "will be burdened again. But the decision to open the window should be made first.

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