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Eka Kapoor gave birth to a child without a father

Actress Eco Capur Image File.

Indian TV was born by famous actress Ecto Kapoor. He also traveled on the road to the snow of maternal mortality. This unmarried mother gave birth to a son through Doner's supply of Venus (Sarogesi).

Ekto and Tuskar Kapoor are Bollywood actors Jitendra and two sons of Shoba Kapur. Actor Tuskar Kapoor also became a single parent through Sargis. In 2016, she gave birth to her boyfriend's purpose.

At that time, he told news agencies: "Initially my parents were scared to explain whether the baby would be born with fertilizer! But the incident was very acceptable for every person in the country. It was a little surprising to me, because I thought that many people will have different perspectives, but this has not happened. Especially the media have so much support for the goal, thanks to that. "

Ecoto Capur recently launched "Kozati Zindagi K2" with Erich Fernandez, Perth Samantan and Hina Khan. Along with this, he is also busy creating various web-sites across the Ultralazzi, a branch of Balladzi Telfills.

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