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Ecto Capur is a mother without marriage

Jitendra daughter Eka Kapur I did not get married. But the mother is. The 43-year-old Unity became a mother through Sarogharsi following the path of Brother Tusar Kapoor. She is the mother of a healthy son. It is known that on January 27, the son of Ekto was born. Within days, he will bring his son home. The desire to become a mother in the mind of her brother was awakened. Unity in the intimate circle do not get married. But as a mother, children want to grow. So she decided to become a mother through the Sarogharsi. The unity of the world of television is undoubtedly. He will give the boy time. But he also returned immediately to work. One of Bollywood's most popular actors, the two sons of Jitendra Ekta and again did not get married. In 2016, Sargassi became the father of Brother Eka Tucher. The goal of her son is to increase her chances. At the same time, he will make his son.

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