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Drama in the name of the song by Ayub Bachuchi

The play "That You" was created to commemorate legendary band star Ayub Bachucci. Tarek Rahman directed the play by Istiyak Ayon.

The director said the play was named after Ayub Bachchu's song "That You" from Ferrari Mind's album. It featured Irfan Saljad, Sumaya Mitila, Sarika Sabah and many others.

Director Tariq Rahman said: "I plan to do the play to commemorate Brother Ayub Bachucci after his death. The stage of the play was completed some time ago. In it, you will hear the audience new to the song. Mustaqim Hasib sang the new song, and Naveed Parvez has composed the music. "

The band's legendary guitarist and bandmaster Ayub Bachu, who returned to the country on October 25, has not returned. After her departure, fans and close friends remember her in different ways. Silver guitars sit on City Chittagong promoters dedicated to him. Protection Status

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