Sunday , April 18 2021

Does anyone eat water WASA?

Officers of the Narayangjan Regional Office in Dhaka Wasa did not drink the full water itself. Citizens, who are in charge of supplying drinking water, drink clean water from outside.

In the earnings department at Dhaka Regional Office WASA, located in the city of Harpur, the city of Narayangan on Thursday morning, it turned out that two clean waters were marked in one room. Sufiya Begum, an office assistant at the office sitting there. Turning to drinking water as a journalist, he said: "There is still no clean water from outside (10 am)." You should wait a few minutes to eat food. Asked why he gave WASA water from the tab, he smiled and said, "Does anyone eat this water?"

Under anonymity, a representative of the office told the first light that at least 35 clean water was brought into the office at a price of 35 rupees. The water cools the officials. The stomach in the water, but the water in the cold water so nobody drinks the water. But bottled water from a nearby deep tube is always kept by the staff table.

Asked about WASA water, Salma Achter, a hostess of Jammita from Narayanganja, said: "This water contains dirty and smell. Let's not drink, we do not use cooking."

The Revenue Revenue Officer, Secker Ali, said: WASA supplies each unit (1000 liters) of water from 11.22 to 35.88 rupees. About 27 thousand people are active members of Shitalakshya in Narayanganj.

Executive engineer Abul Hashem of the Regional Office for the first time testified that about 20 million liters of clean water was delivered to two oil refineries in the Narayangya area, and about 31 million liters of clean water was supplied with 31 deep-tube holes. If WASA is pure water, why come out of pure water, he asked: "Everyone wants to drink good water." Here (regional office Narayanganj) Our treatment water (water filled for cold wave). So, nobody wants to drink. But many people drink deep water from the water. "

President of Narayangjin Citizens' Committee AB Sidike said Dr VAS demanded that their water be supplemented with 100%. And water is taken from the outside of the WASA Drinking Station. It's so funny. This proves that, for that reason, WASA water is not drinking at least.

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