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Directives presenting the Commission's application forms for all …- 705309 Kaler Kantho

The meeting of the BNP chairman took place yesterday in the office of the chairman of BNP Gulshan, which was nominated by the parliamentary party's party. Photo: Kaler Kantha

All candidates were asked to send a nomination form to the Election Commission on behalf of the party's nomination committee. In addition, it has been clearly stated that all but the nomination of the party will withdraw the nomination form. Organizational solutions such as expulsion against those who do not believe will be taken.

These instructions appeared on Thursday during the interaction session of the BNP chairman's political office in Rangpur and the Rajshahi Division. Interviews from people seeking appointments from morning. On this occasion, the Christmas atmosphere prevailed at the office. On the first day, interviews were conducted with candidates for places in the Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions. The BNP President, Tarique Rahman, was also connected to the nomination board via a video call from London.

The first phase of the interview from 10 a.m. morning to the afternoon. After the midday meal, the second step carried out the interview until the night. In the first phase, interviews were conducted with 158 people for 33 places in the Rangpur division and 368 in the second phase for 39 places in the Rajshahi division. We learn that interviews were conducted with an invitation to nominate candidates for positions. The first invitation to candidates for the Panchagarh-1 district Three people wanted to nominate places. These are – Yunus Sheikh, Barrister Nawshad Zamir and Touhidul Islam.

Almost every candidate for the post had three questions from the board: Here are the reasons why the nomination from the site will be granted. What is the contribution of movement and fight and how big is the possibility of winning? Tarique Rahman also asked questions about the nomination process.

Dr was nominated on board. Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Barrister Moudud Ahmed, Barrister Jamir Uddin Sarker, Lt. J. (Retd) Mahbubur Rahman, Secretary General of BNP Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Barrister Rafiqul Islam Mia, Gayeshwar Chandra Roy, Abdul Moin Khan, Nazrul Islam Khan and Amir Khasr Mahmoud Chowdhury. Another board member Mirza Abbas was absent due to this matter.

After the interview, more than one candidate told Kaler Kantho that the council did not pass the candidate's last word. Everyone was asked to go to the zone to take part in public relations. Board members are asked to send nomination forms to all candidates in the Election Commission, so that the option of finding an option is easily removed if the first page selection is rejected.

Although the ban on the proclamation of nomination, many people joined 10-12 people. Yesterday, Gulshan's office was full of leaders and activists.

For some visitors: Attorney Abdul Halim from Dinajpur-4 said: "We collected four nomination forms." Tareq Rahman asked me why the party was nominating me? What are the chances of winning if I'm nominated? He advised everyone to work together for the party that "Mr Candidate of the District of Panchagarh-2 Farhad Hossain Farhad said:" The Secretary-General of the BNP asked me why I want to make an election. the leaders of the district. "Thakurgaon-3 candidate Jahidur Rahman Zahid said he collected 10 nomination documents from BNP in his constituency. Everyone was recommended to conduct public relations in the area. Later the team will be informed who will designate the team.

Rumana Morshed Kanakchapa, candidate of the Sirajganj-1 constituency, said: "I want to stay in the service of people because I want to be in politics." Nilphamari-4, Nilphamari-4 nominee, said: "I've been working for the party for a long time, our leader Khaled Zia is imprisoned in a go to the elections as part of the movement for the restoration and restoration of democracy. "

"WE violated the electoral code": Secretary-General Fakhrul talked to journalists in the Gulshan office in the afternoon during the interview. When asked about the issue of Tarique Rahman in an interview, the secretary general of the Awami League asked, and therefore, if the election commission's objection, they will see the matter.Fakhrul said: "The biggest problem is that the Electoral Commission itself is breaking the code of conduct. It's not fair to say such things on their faces, and I do not think they have any jurisdiction to tell me how to conduct an interview.

Fakhrul also said: "In order to restore democracy, we have taken the upcoming elections as part of our movement to release Khaled Zia. That is why we have made all the formalities related to the elections." We do not think that these elections will be free and fair. As the previous party elections, we, a united front, 20 parties and other parties that believe in democracy, demand that the elections be fruitful and acceptable to all, we went to a dialogue, but a simple and even selection field was not created. most importantly, no measures have been taken to neutralize the electoral government's government. The minimum conditions required for the elections have not been created.

The BNP leader said: "Today, it was said that the media will be neutral, collect and publish news about all groups, but this is not done." BTV disseminates information about the development of the Awami League at the same time. Government Radio Bangladesh also does the same. Obvious laws also puts pressure on private television and radio so that the opposition's news will not be broadcast.On the other hand, the arrest is not over yet, it has been repeated many times and will not be arrested, but the arrest continues. We want to stop the trial and let our leaders and the employees were out in the field. "

Referring to the interrogation of candidates, Fakhrul Islam said: "We hope that we will be able to finish talks with our candidates, tomorrow and finally." What the candidates say, answering the question, said: "If the elections are fair, try their efforts, they decided to win. We told them to be alert and aware that the centers could not be faked and could not occupy them as before".

The Secretary General of the BNP signed the nomination form for the chairman and the acting chairman. The nomination form of more than one person who appeared after the interview was visible in Fakhrul's signature. The nomination form says: "I am Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Secretary General, National Party of Bangladesh, BNP. Registration number of the team 7 Therefore, the Public Representation Statement (RPO) is to be the nomination of any party, party chairman in the nomination form, Secretary the general and candidate for the party will sign the candidate.

According to the Ombudsman, if a party wants more than one person can submit a nomination form at the same office. However, before the withdrawal of the candidature, which will be nominated from the party. Candidate's candidacy will be canceled, with the exception of the designated person.

The police were looking: the police had set up a checkpoint in Gulshan. Law enforcement forces of law and order were present along the road number 86 of the Gulshan office. You can not reach any road without any police investigation. The police ordered an ordinary man to go on a different path.

The rest of the conversation will take place today: 9.00 – 21.00, the Barisal Division will take place on Monday, and from two and a half hours to the nomination of candidates for the nomination of the Khulna Division. Tomorrow, the Chittagong Division will be held on Tuesday, the Comilla and the Sylhet division will be interrogated at noon. On November 21 morning, the Mymensingh department and the Faridpur department will be interrogated, and the Dhaka division will be questioned in the afternoon.

According to the election schedule, the final date for submitting the candidacy to the eleventh parliamentary election is November 28. The deadline for withdrawing the candidacy expires on November 29th. The election will take place on December 30.

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