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Dengue fever broke Mahfuz's dream of becoming an engineer

Mahfus died seven days before his mother was in the womb. Mother Jahanara Begum, 5, fought to save her only son as the treasure of Th. Mahfuz did not even try to smile at his mother's face.

After receiving the Golden Gate Five from Pabna District School, she spent this year with a degree from Fahed Bulbul Government College. He was admitted to the coaching center in Harmegate, Dhaka, on the dream of admitting to the University of Engineering with the ultimate joy.

Today (August 7), the dream of mother and son fell apart when Mahfuz died of dengue fever at dawn. The story of one of the possibilities for life-long struggles has ceased.

Jahanara Begum was found dead after losing her only child at Balihalat Jacques Ramanandpur village house in Satar, Hungary. Relatives try to get him to drink water, he tries to talk to him. But without thunder, he lost his elastic child like thunder.

Mahbouz's friend, Sabir, who had gathered from Dhaka in Pabna, said: “We did not see Mahfuz very sick even when we were coming from Dhaka. I never imagined she would die suddenly in such a short time. "

Mahfouz's uncle, Nahid Hossein, said Mahfouz's full name was Hossein Mahfouz (5). When Mahfus' father, Gulam Mostafar, died before his birth, his sisters and grandchildren brought them home. He has since grown up in their home.

Nahid said Mahfouz fell ill after returning home on Eid holidays on August 5th. He was admitted to Pabna General Hospital when conditions worsened yesterday. He died while he was being treated at about 1:30 in the morning.

However, Nahid Hossein, complaining that authorities did not provide timely and accurate treatment to the authorities after his admission to the hospital, said the hospital's condition was rapid but after repeated calls, the doctor did not come. After telling the nurses many times, they didn't give it any importance. As a result, his condition deteriorates for a short time.

Civil surgeon Pabna, Dr Mehedi Iqbal, said Mahfuz was hospitalized shortly after being diagnosed with dengue in the hospital yesterday evening. She was hospitalized with a very critical condition. Itching started in the evening. Even with his best efforts, the doctors could not save him.

Claiming that there was no negligence in the treatment, the civil surgeon said: “The patient was taken to hospital in critical condition. Mahfus died at the beginning of treatment.

He was buried there this morning after a funeral prayer at Balihal Cemetery. Mahfuz's death brought a shadow of sadness to the area.

Dr Ranjani Kumar, acting general hospital in Pabna, said: "There are currently 5 dengue patients admitted to our hospital. 5 people have been admitted in the last 24 hours. "So far 25 patients with dengue have been treated in Pabna.

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