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Debbie is so happy a heroine in the new role, let's see what is Mimi News 18 Bengali

Debow is a happy new hero in the new role, to see what Mimi said

Mm chakraborty Photo: Instagram.

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Updated:March 12, 2019 04:58 PM IST

#Calcutta: Debbie-Quinn Mimi Chakraborti Debuts Beja Happy Heroine Flower floods occur in Mimi's house. Mickey will appear in another role.

He also proved that he is unique in another role, actually already. The film "The mind does not know" will be released before Mimi and Jas. Therefore, Tagging is already quite popular. The song was taken out of Mimi Chakraborti's version.

The music video was discovered to be published by the music of SVF earlier. His name is fixed "why he-reprimand" Mom will be seen in the video.

In context, Mimi said: "Why did you get tremendous popularity after the song was released?" After all the songs are so good to know that the offer comes to me for singing a revised version. But my hands and feet became cold. In fact, I really want to sing the song, so I enjoyed every moment of it. "

Shagufta Rafiq directed the film "The mind does not know". Mimi and Josh play. This film will be released on Holi this year.

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