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Cricketers see 'plot' in strike BBB: -830107 | The voice of time

Bangladesh Cricket Board President Nazmul Hassan could not agree that the cricketers went on strike without understanding anything. But at the same time, he also believes that the players have been successful in at least one aspect, “As I like to call from various boards, the ICC, AF, Bangladesh is making a big noise in cricket. Maybe they want to convey this message, and I admit they have succeeded here. The image of Bangladesh is somewhat tame, but they managed to free it.

When it comes to eroding the image, it is natural to find a "conspiracy theory" in it. And it happened. Namul directly claimed that a separate palace was involved. He said the operation had begun to find out who was involved in the plot. In the meantime, he hopes cricketers will join the national training camp, which begins on October 23, ahead of a tour of India. The Bangladeshi team will also travel to India to play this first full series. However, the cricketers had no contact with them until Tuesday. Cricketers do not catch or even cut the phone despite being called, the ECB said at a news conference following an emergency meeting of executives. So, there are still no signs of the ongoing crisis in No Man's Land. That's why Nazmoul talked about optimism, but there was uncertainty about everything.

Claiming that many of the cricketers' demands have already been met or the process is in progress, Nazmul called it a "planned" program, "They haven't come to us so far." Think about it The people we try to contact, they hang up the phone, otherwise they don't hold the phone. So understand that it is perfectly planned in advance. What went directly into the media without coming to us was for a special reason; So far they have been successful. This is part of the plan they boycotted without giving us a chance. "In this plan, the 'third' will certainly work as a source for one person," it is planned. There is only one person who does this again and again. There is a plot to destabilize cricket in Bangladesh. Everyone knows about this plot by the government. Not all cricketers seem to intend it. One or two cricketers will know the original plan. It should be understood now, who does. Waiting for you for some time. I'll take it out. "

The BBC president also said who got the job done, "There are some external things working on it. We're also inside (BSE). Maybe there are some crickets. "But has the process of breaking the cricket unity started? Once Nazmul was guaranteed to release everything, "The car will be out, Auto. Everything that is guaranteed, self-will not be everything. "At the same time, he was constantly talking about conspiracy, 'It's part of the conspiracy. I'll be happy if I'm proven wrong. But there is reason to doubt it. "

Although it takes some time to uncover the root of the doubt. Earlier, the third round of the National Cricket League was due to start on October 25th. Since then, the national team training camp. Despite the backward position in this situation, Nazmul still opens the door to the cricketers, saying: "If the players do not play, they will not play. We have nothing to do. If they go to a training camp, they won't go. Crickets are used. They do not know themselves. One can know. My door is open to them. If they come to me, I have to talk. I want to talk. But I certainly hope the training camp will continue and India will also visit. I believe most players like to play cricket and want to develop. "

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