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"Creating a serial drama is hard work"

Popular actor Roanak Hasan created this first serial movie. The name will be "marriage." This month will be broadcast in BengaliVision. In the meantime, he completed both series. This series has a presence of 47 stars, said Runok. Asked about the experience of creating a serial drama, he said: "It would not be known how helpless our producers did when they did not build this series.Construction game is very difficult to build.There is a need to see how many creators of the budget problem.Meanwhile , the actor has four other series in hand: "Toothfull", "Goodbye Storm" by Bilbub Haider, "The Public of" by Beer Mahmoud and "Noshal" by Mir Sabir. These actors have spent almost 24 years of career. time, he testified many things. I saw many changes in this time, what is the need for a change in our drama? "Ruangak said that the drama should be declared art, and every day a lot of money is invested. But in comparison, people in this area are not evaluated. our television channels need to change the rules When the audience sees a drama, ads are lost or lost due to a news pause. At this time of satellite, they no longer fix on the screen of a particular television channel. When the channel is played or displayed as a channel, it watches the channel. Talking about these things, Raoqn talked about Indian series in today's conversation. His commentary, Indian series as our domestic drama, is also available on YouTube. However, the audience sees these series on television. This is because Indian channels broadcast serial at the right time. In addition, there is no negative pain during the serial campaign. As a result, visitors see their series at ease. He also said that there is no proper planning to show the drama of the audience on our television channels. If the audience can see the play on YouTube, then where is the problem of watching TV? Channel authorities will have to think about this issue. I think that there is a need for a separate television channel to watch only the drama or entertainment program. In addition to television dramas, the actor also acts in the film. The film will be released on February 15th, "Fagun Hawaii". He was created by Tokir Ahmed. This picture is created in the context of the Language Movement. What is the role of Roonak? Responding to this question, he said the audience would see me in a negative light in this film. The first time I come to record as a villain. I do not want to say anything more. The actor said he was talking about the new film. At the end of the conversation, when asked about this actor, he said that as an actor, I can see the audience and the creators like her. But the face is full of rude, rude and lazy people. I have to worry more about myself. But I can not do it. He also said, I do not work with people who work with me, more than once, I do not work with them. This means that if I do not like the first thing, then I do not work with him anymore.

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