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Controversy from the Facebook Post, then something so much!

Tanya Pora, Malinda and Tesira Poparan. Picture file

It was the beginning of Facebook. Tania Perrera, the wife of all predecessors Tizira Pola and ODI captain Lasith Malinga, began to argue with him. It is now spreading to the Sri Lanka Cricket Board (SLC)

Facebook's issue is sometimes a means of quarreling. Once again, the truth was grasped by the wife of Teresa Popova and Lasith Malinga. Both Bacchus in the social media finally reached the board. All-borrower Tessa Polara wrote a letter to Sri Lanka's current captain, Malinga's wife, Tania Pora, causing the entire national team to laugh at the nation. Porsche, commenting on such conditions, is not good for the team before the next World Cup.

The problems began earlier this month. Tanya wrote a place on Facebook, showing that Porse met the new athlete to get the team to work. Perra responded with an excellent response in response to the answer. Popova wrote a letter to Chief Executive Officer Ashley de Silva, who sent her to ask for another post in a few weeks.

This letter reads: "When the current captain's wife wrote such a complaint through social media, then it is difficult for the masses to think they are real and prevent them from spreading the misdeeds in my name. After this Facebook post, the wardrobe was created In fact, when the two senior team players do not have the cordiality, they are quite uncomfortable for the youngsters of the team.If the interference is the whole team is difficult to play.The lead role is to create a stable and unity between the team before creating a new plan. I am forced to call each m, none of this is now.

In just five months of the World Cup, the incident will affect more in Sri Lanka, according to Pereira, "the World Cup finishes." We need to keep our focus completely, without having to argue about meaningless issues in society. The team now has a very strong leadership, direction and a unified environment. This topic needs to be addressed before the World Cup. Team leaders and senior players must have an example of this. Because of the personal anger of a person, we can not change the national team for the whole country. There is no room to relieve the problem, especially at this point. I politely ask the SLC to intervene to take the initiative to overcome the differences between us and help the team take new trust and solidarity. "

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