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Contract with leather: -804433 | The voice of time

An agreement has been reached between the owners and the stain on selling animal skins. From Monday, Ardars will sell leather. Tannery owners will have to decide what they owe on August 22 next. Top trader organizations will solve these problems by sitting on the side of the Federation of Industries and Traders and in leather.

Industry Minister Nurul Majeed Mahmoud Humayun told reporters after a nearly three-hour closed-door meeting with leather traders, craftsmen and clothes owners at the secretariat on Sunday. Prime Minister Salman J. Rahman's Private Industries and Investment Adviser, Secretary of Commerce Mofizul Islam, Secretary of Industry MD. Abdul Halim and business leaders.

Industry Minister Nurul Majeed Mahmoud said: "This year 1,000 pieces of leather were spent on one million bad ones." However, the information spread in the media is incorrect, given the large amount of skin in the water. Instead, if that happens, then the BNP will do so. He thinks they have done so by investing in political programs without being successful.

The minister of industry said representatives of leather traders from different areas said that about 1.5 percent of the skin in one crown of skin was lost this time. This time, due to the hot sun, 3000 pieces of skin were lost. But every year 8.7 percent of the skin is consumed, businessmen said at the meeting. He said: "People in the area reported that there were some political motives working here. We don't give them importance. We are aware of it. Now we have nothing to do with burning the skin.

Speaking about the debt debt during the meeting, the minister said: "But so far, they have never made a loan. The job of trust has worked there. Seasoned traders are not affiliated with this business, but do not understand that they invest here in the hope of earning more. And if they lose capital, their heads lose. This is the kind of business that this time has mistakenly criticized the media. "He said there was no problem in the leather industry. It is usual. Leather buying has already begun. There are skin policies. And at today's (yesterday's) meeting, the issue is resolved. They will decide on the next issue on December 22.

Asked about the export of leather, the minister said: "We have to make a decision to understand the situation. It's a matter of raw materials, an export process. We will export if we consider it necessary. I'll make that decision later.

The Prime Minister's private industry and investment adviser, Salman J. Raman, said: "County officials have reported that more skin is being consumed in Chittagong and Seattle. Not lost in Natore. And something went wrong in Kustia. & # 39;

Delwar Hossein, president of the Bangladeshi Hyde & Leather Traders Association, said: "Today (yesterday) the leather market is open (open market). We will settle again on August 22 regarding debt. The FBI was tasked with solving the problem. They will agree with the two parties. The minister and adviser have said they will work to resolve the problem that remains in lacuna.

Meanwhile, sources at the meeting said the prime minister's adviser on private industry and investment said he thought the entire leather industry was in turmoil for some leather traders today. He said he found out about this in the sources of the Bank of Bangladesh and the Ministry of Finance. But to shame the government, a situation has been created to scrape the skin of the victims and to expel them, he said. Someone did it in a planned way to shame the government. Why the media was so shocked. If nothing has happened in Natore, Kustia, Bogra, then why in Chittagong and Seattle? Why the skin was rubbed in these places. What is the responsibility here? You should know

Leaders of the Ararat Society presented information at the meeting, saying at least one nail polish patch was damaged. Given this, Salman J. Raman said these things. A scaffolding owner has proposed a committee to investigate the incident in Chittagong and Seattle. Will find out who was involved in the incident. At the time, Delvar Hossain, president of the Hyde and Leather Association, said painters always benefited from the bank. But they do not get any benefit. Following his speech, the community and Arard's tantrum owners began delivering various speeches as they pressed for responsibility for the carving of the media. Said businessman from Manikjan – This is done to deceive the government and the Ministry of Commerce. Creating these media.

One of the respondents was excited that the owners of the tanning union. They threatened the perpetrators. They did not buy any skin two and a half months after the victim. Then it smells. Those who do business leather know what the condition of the skin is if it falls two and a half months. Then take half, but take half. Occurs half Even when they ask for money, they behave badly. In turn, representatives of the owners of the treadmill also spoke. The meeting was hot. Later, Salman J. Rahman and BGMEA President Siddiquor Rahman reconciled the two sides.

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