Tuesday , January 19 2021

Connal sang in pain to lose his father in the chest

The song titled “Ike Sabar Deal, Ekgamse Shamil” from the movie “Gangchil” revolves around some happy moments. His singing is the complete opposite of Konal’s current life. In fact, he is still in mourning. Composer and music director Shavkat Ali Emon helped Konal record the song. “Life does not stop here,” Connal said. It is very difficult and difficult for an artist to sing songs of joy with tears. Given this sadness, Emon By repeatedly asked me to take the time to sing the words of the song as an artist. “Maybe I was able to sing with his encouragement and inspiration.”

Recently, the item “Miss Babble” from the movie “Beer”, sung by this artist, was viewed a million times. He heard the news that the song had passed millions of views from fans. His fans supported him the most in his grief. In this context, Konal said: “The fans comforted me by sending me phone calls and text messages. I am grateful to them.

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