Sunday , April 11 2021

Chomy smart light bulb, per apartment: -762899 | Caller Kanto

An intelligent stove and a stove for light rice A smart light bulb carries Chinese tech giant Shaomi The Swiss MI LED lamp was taken in India on Wednesday. Today, this smart light will begin to be sold on the Indian market from Friday.

The company claims that this smart light will support 16 million colors, it will last 11 years. This smart bulb can be turned on or off using a smartphone application, the color of the light can be changed. Moreover, the brightness (brightness) can be controlled by the smartphone itself. Swiss Smart LEDs are supported by Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This Smart LED bulb can be controlled by the MI Home application. Not only that, the timing of the bulb will turn on or off using an application.

The Swiss will begin selling this bulb from the company's official website on Friday. It is known that the company will start selling smart lights through "Crowdfunding". And then its price will be known.
Source: Zee News

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