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Chidambaram arrested Amit Shah!

The bungalow's allotment on Ashok Road, Delhi, the capital of India, was named after Arun aitetli. The next issue is the BJP headquarters at the time. Aitaitli is the leader of the opposition in Raja Saha. After noon he sat in court. And almost every day, a stranger sat quietly.

He is Amit Shah.

He is out of state at the time of the false meetings of Suhrauddin. I can't get into Gujarat. He was arrested earlier by the FBI. Shortly before his arrest, Ahmed came to the BJP office saying all charges were false. He was later acquitted.

Many in Alinda, the capital, are in contact with today's incident. At that time, P Chidambaram was the Home Secretary. And today, Interior Minister Amit Shah. The FBI arrested Chidambaram. In the same way, Chidambaram came to the Congress office and claimed to be innocent.

Now the question is inside the Congress, what is Amit Shah? Chidambaram's lawyer, Congressman and Congress leader Salman Kurshid said: "I won't say anything about this. But Chidambaram's picture is quite clear. "

This is also discussed in the congressional camp – "If Jaitley hadn't been so sick today, maybe the CBI-ED wouldn't have been so abused. Aiteyley knew how to maintain good relations with opposition leaders, no matter how open the political opposition was. He saw the strengths and weaknesses of opposition leaders. Which is rare in "today's" GWP.

Sonya Gandhi will address a function on the occasion of Rajiv Gandhi's 8th birthday tomorrow. There, preparations are being made to harass Modi's government. Today Rahul Gandhi, Punjab Gandhi Bahdra, also criticized the government for blasphemy. At a press conference where Congress gave Chidambaram a chance to speak, immediate party leaders emerged in the direction of Sonya.

The BJP, however, is clear that the law is on its way. There is no question of any policy. They didn't tell Chidambaram about corruption.

Not only that, after arresting Chidambaram at the FBI office, the BJP has disseminated on social media a portion of Narendra Modi's "I am also a Man of Steel" speech ahead of the Lok Sabha election. On the ground where he said: "Now somebody is out on bail, somebody is going to court one after another, some are arguing in court." From 20 to 25 I made them reach the prison door. After 20? “

The crowd shouted: “Prison! Prison! Prison! “
Source: Anand Bazar Magazine

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