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Changing the "LRB", the changes can come in a queue

Ayub Bachu and LRB Photo: Assembled

Members of LBB from the popular band Band Ban withdrew from the decision to change the name. On Wednesday (April 17th) band manager Shamim Ahmed confirmed that the band's name was unchanged. As soon as all the people will be officially released the name of the band and the lining will be announced.

He said: "Balaam and the legacy" has not changed with the name of LRB. The name of the group is LRB. The Bachu family has full support with us. Whatever was wrong with us, everything was fine. We have been able to overcome them. One of our Masoud members is out of Dhaka. We will officially announce soon after arriving in Dhaka. We have more plans for LRB. We want to continue the memory of Bachu Bhai. We will fulfill the plan made by Brother Brother with LRB. And we're thinking of changing some lineup from the group. But, before that is certain, we are still in the LRB.

Artist Valaam joined the LRB on April 5. Since then, Valaam's involvement has begun to criticize social media. Like changing the name of the band, "Balaam and Heritage," the decision to keep a storm of criticism. So, in response to the question of whether the band's main voice is Balaam, Shamim Ahmed said: "Look at Balaam, but you came to the benefit of us (members of LRB). People who know him know that he is a person who is not perfect. an artist, he has a good introduction to himself, he forgot that he respected Brother Bachu, and think about one thing, how Bachu's brother survived the last six months after leaving the band, thinking of our situation emotionally and financially. outside the LRB, but it is not. From that situation we wanted to rodolzhime with Balaam. But the opposite was the opposite. However, when Massoud returned to Dhaka, will sit again with the whole thing. You would appear beautiful trail. "

Meanwhile, members of the Balaam and Heritage group attended the inauguration ceremony of the channel Canal Ganbal, which is on track, midnight on April 14th. He was informed that the name of the LRB was delayed due to the objection of the Ayub Bachu family. Even now, the LRB's songs will be performed on behalf of Balaam and the legacy, it was also informed that the event. However, fans of Ayub Bachu and LRB could not accept the decision of the band. Social media has again become a storm of criticism on Facebook. Many accused the woman and two children of Ayub Bachu at the time. In addition, Valaam's shoulder also falls on new names.

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But one day, Ayub Bachu's only son, Anah Taivaar Ayub, said on Tuesday that he and his family had no objection to the name of LRB. Baba said he changed the name of Ayub Bach and his band, he said. He said the band suffered the burden of his father's life. Members of the band can work for another band if they want. But he (Anaf) wants this creation of his father to remain unchanged.

In the status of Facebook of Ahnaf Tayyar Ayub, he wrote: "LRB or Valaam and members of the heritage want to say, they can sing like LRB. There are no obstacles in this regard. First of all, they could continue to sing as LRB he wants to sing, happily for them, I hope they will succeed and will continue with the paternal music. My desire, LRB will achieve the whole success ".

Last year on October 16, at the last concert in Rangpur, Ayub Bachu and LRB, he returned to Dhaka on October 17th. He was admitted to the capital's main hospital on October 18, after suffering a heart attack in his home. At 9 o'clock, the doctor's doctor declared him dead.

It should be noted that in 1990, Ayub Bachau started the journey with the arm of the LRB group. Initially, the band's name was "The Little Liver" (LRB). Then came the name change in 1997. The change came in the name "Love Runs Band" (LRB). Later, Ayub Bachu made the group more prosperous alone. In the last 27 years the listener has given a huge popular song.

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