Monday , October 25 2021

"Changes have become more urgent"


NI Bulbul | November 12, 018, Monday, 9:54

He talked less with the girls. Unlike work, I did not talk about anything else in this unit. At the time, he was just careful at work. According to the legendary writer Humayun Ahmed, Manch-TV and actress Dolly Zahur said that way. November 13 birthday of Humayun Ahmed. This story was written by Lily Zuhur in several stories and her work. In this context, he said: "During those days," I joined the work of Humayun Ahmed. I did not know him that way before. Producer Mustafizur Rahman from BTV proposed my name for the zero-series form. Later, in his directorial undertaking "Agun Parashmani", I played in the film. In all this he was a great experienced and impossible gifted man. I saw him very closely. He had a strange addiction to writing and managing plays. Meanwhile, in the series "Megh Dhaka Dhaka" by Dolly Zuhura and ATTV in ATN Bangla, two series of dramatic titles entitled "Noishal" are distributed. This month, he received game offers in eight new series. But they do not work in any. Because he said, I am going to Australia on November 19. I have my son and his wife there. I have to stay there for a few days. She did not take over a new series of works. If you can not finish well after starting work, the manufacturer has to face different problems. Someone hurt me for a moment – I do not want to. Many people comment on the fact that movies and TV media are not currently in a good environment. More television dramas are created in hero-heroines. In this context, when asked by Doli Zahura, he said, I said a lot of things about it. Now talking about these things is not a profit. Who will change! When a person obeys me, I can give him the good of every subject. If he does not listen, there is no point in talking about it. The rule we are going through can not proceed in this way. If we continue to do so, we will have to face the crisis of our existence. The changes became more urgent. If you do not change, I think I'm hurting myself. Although he won the National Film Award in the film, Doli Zahur has not been in this medium for several years. He said he remembers the last time he played in the movie. But the latest version of his movie is "Two World". It was created by F.I Manik. When asked about not playing the stars, he said, before going to Hajj in 2012, I decided not to go home and not play in the film. From then on I did not play on the big screen. And you do not stay away from the movie that survives. The actress from Alapane also talked about her physical condition. He said that sometimes I'm better, I got sick again. Actually, I'm alone in this country. This time I was alone, that's what I'm doing.

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