Friday , June 18 2021

BTRC has closed 77,000 Teletalk SIM cards

(UNB) Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) blocked 77 590 SIMs from the Teletalk mobile operator on charges of illegal VoIP.

On November 19, BTRC instructed operators to stop using illegal VoIP operations.

According to the BTRC CDR analysis, on Sunday, 33,000 534 illegal SIM Teletalk cards were used to terminate VoIP calls. Continuing this, it was ordered to keep the seams between 16 o'clock on Monday. In addition, on the same day on October 11, 44,000 were closed for the same reason. SIM Teletalk.

BTRC claims that the Directorate of Enforcement and Inspection currently uses the latest SIM and SIM card identification technology used in the illicit termination of VoIP calls.

Thanks to the CDR analyzer and the geographical location system, the specifications of the SIM card are specific. Using this technology, a large number of SIM identities were used for the illegal activities of VoIP of all mobile operators, including Teletalk.

The BTRC further said that the operation of the VoIP prevention program continues as a continuous process, and the campaign will continue to introduce discipline in the telecommunications sector.

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