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Brenda Sowes fired into the Spanish Cup semifinals –

The Catalan team won the sixth round of the quarter-finals of the Camp Nou match on Wednesday night. By winning two legs, they win 6-3. Seva won with 2: 0 home in the first round of last week.

Barca entered the field with two goals and it was a great start. The thirteenth minute of Philip Kotanoire kyakatanioya kikai ki forward and continued. Lionel messi D-Box foul hit the penalty flute game referee.

In the 24th minute, Spanish player Rocky Masha got a penalty after defender Gerard PK fired the two-boxer Seva. However, the goalkeeper of Barcelona's second choice Yasip Selezen managed to beat Ever Baneger on the left.

In the 31st minute, Ivan Rakitich scored two goals in two goals to equalize with Barcelona with 2: 2. Arthur headed to the dash and tapped point, midfield midfielder, the forwarding keeper solidified the ball to find the ball.

In the eighth minute of the second half, the Brazilian midfielder, Cotonio, scored his second goal in the head. In the next minute, Messi got a pass from the team scored a fourth goal by Sirio Roberto. Barcelona go ahead 4-2 in two legs

In the 67th minute, Ever Baneger got the ball and sent the ball into the net to reduce the gap, Brazilian defender Gilmaro Arana. In the village camp in the hope of turning But in the rest period there was nothing much. In the opposite end, Barcelona Barcelona reached the goal with a double trap in the net and continued to win the big margin.

In the 89th minute, on the left side of Jordi Alba with an excellent cross, Luis Surves scored the fifth goal. In the second minute of the time added, Ronaldo made many passes and threw the last nail in the opponent's coffin. The captain of Barcelona, ​​who scored a double pass in the D-box, won one by one,

In the second match of the day, Espanyol won 3-1 in the home court and continued to win two legs in the last four – before the last four – Real Betis.

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