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Body Kangana Tk 1 Gold: -804966 | The voice of time

The story just hides a picture of luxury life in everyone's eyes. But this time, he proved the idea for Bollywood glamor girl Kangana Ranaut.

Kangana was recently caught on camera at Mumbai airport while traveling to Jaipur for special work. Where it is seen wearing a simple cotton skirt.

Later, details of the gang bang were revealed on Twitter. Kangana's sister, Rangoli Handal, said Kangana brought Sara from Kolkata with only Tk 5. She was surprised to find such a good dress at such a low price.

Not only that, he also called on his fans, saying that people who work in our country do amazing things and how much they earn cheaply. Therefore, we need to be more careful about our domestic products. These dresses should follow foreign brands without leaving behind.

Kangana did not forget her style even after only 5 rupees sari. He brought the look of a full-fledged Indian by wearing a black glitter saras.

It should be noted that the latest film & # 39; Judgmental Kya Hai & # 39; starring Kangana was released on July 23. The movie couldn't answer the box office.

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