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BKash distributor disappeared with Tk 4 crore

The distributed Sakhira distributor Faruk Hosen of Sahira County took Tk 4 crore from bKash. After this incident, realtors got their hands on the head. They are now waking up. Field agents are not searched by Monday morning. Turn off all their phones. Locking his office, hanging at home, concluded Before the protests of agents, police "Sadar tana" arrested three people, including the manager of the office "bKash".

In the Satkhira press club yesterday afternoon, bKash agents complained and said: "I do not get money for many days." If we ask for three rupees of our deposit, one bow is given. Thus, their business has continued to be hindered for a long time. They often fight with them. Bikash Distributor Faruk Hossein and his office officials disappeared from the office on Monday morning. I can not find them. Zone officials in the office of the City of Kuln also do not receive calls from agents. They complained and said that the distributor Faruk told them: "What money should I send to my number before 10 am. The matter is urgent." Agents say, we need to know that Farouk deceived a few minutes after he entered the money. He fled with his people.

Sub-inspector of the Sahira Sadar police station, Tarikul Islam, went to the distributor's office and found three people. They are – Ibrahim, Bissau and Honey. Masumbillah He said they were brought to the police interrogation station. Agents are preparing to file a case in this regard. The plaintiffs in the Sakhira Press Club are representatives of various development agents, including Adar Enterprise, Sohel Enterprises, Bulbul Telecom, Mobil Palas, Akhanaz Foto, KCO Look, Yaya Company, Khokon Book Depository, Ramsan Telecom and Swapen Enterprises.

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