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Before the judge in the courtroom in Komila

Defendant Hassan

Defendant Hasan Photo: JUAN

During the hearing of the case of Fatema Ferdus in the Komilla courtroom, one of the defendants was stabbed while piercing the other defendant. The assassination took place in the trial court at additional sessions on Monday afternoon.

Cousin brother for two defendants The case of the killing of Hadzi Abdul Karim in 2013 was on Monday. The deceased was identified as Mamir Faruke (30), son of Vahidula from the village of Kandi (Manoharganj), Selazila Komila. The name of the killer is Hasan (25). He is the son of Shahidullah, a resident of the village Bhokpara Laksham rushed.

Hadji Abdul Karim was the master of Gatak Hasan and Farouk's uncle. Both were on bail. Ghatak Hasan was arrested in the courtroom. Farouk accuses Hassan of killing. It is believed that he may have been killed by the distraction. The question arises as to how the defendant entered the courtroom with a knife.

A judge in the district and a session, representatives of the FBI, the chief of police, rushed to the spot after receiving the news. The court spread the panic in the incident. The security of the court has been strengthened. Police inspector Syed Nurul Islam said the assassin was arrested, preparing preparations for the murder against him.

The security of the court has been strengthened since this incident. Police station Kotwali model police station director Salah Uddin confirmed the incident and said that after taking Farouk after a stabbing, doctors declared him dead after taking him to the Comilla General Hospital and later at the Comilla Medical College Hospital.

It is a discussion with lawyer Caimul Huck, former president of the Public Council in Bangladesh. He said: "How did the assassin Hassan get into such a large knife by loosening the court's eyes in the yard?" Such events have strengthened us a lot, we are very concerned. Police must be more accountable to the court and a safe place as the court will be safe.

In this regard, police chief of police Syed Nurul Islam said: "The police are engaged in every cell of the court, but such an inconvenient incident happened." He said thousands of people meet in court every day.

If we bring the body of every person under investigation, the lawyers and their assistants in the court are also ashamed. After this incident, we talked to a district judge. With regard to security and inspection, the necessary steps will be taken with the consent of the District Judge.

Police say Hassan and Farukke arrived at the hearing of the case of Hadji Abdul Karim's killing at Manoharganj police station on Monday. Judge Fatema Ferdu began proceedings in court proceedings. The lawyers presented their speech when the hearing began. At this time, the defendants who stood in Katghara were about to hit Farouk one after the other. With the killed pits, Farouk was again stabbed.

Everyone seemed surprised by the courtroom. They could not understand what actually happened. Panic in the courtroom extended When Faruk went to the courtroom in the immediate vicinity of the police station, Hassan continued to punch him while walking there. The court house goes into blood.

At one stage, the police arrested Hassan. The whole incident took place before the judge. Current lawyers and their assistants rescued Farouk and took him to the Komilla Medical College hospital while he was pronounced dead for duty. People from all over the court started the Digabadi dive around the balcony.

Former Secretary General of Comila Bar and High Lawyer Lawyer Sude Nurur Rahman said that no such person had ever seen such a terrible incident, before the Komila court had never been seen before. In this case, everyone, including the judge's judge and lawyers, is frustrated and worried. The punishment of the killer will be provided.

The Investigation Committee constitutes: The Triple Commission of Inquiry constitutes the district police for sensational killings. The other two commission members headed by the promoted police super Sahavat Hossen are additional police chief Tanwir Salehim Ion and Dio-1 Mahbub Morshed.

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