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"Before my baby, then shooting"

"My son, Eisen, has been ill for several days, in addition, I also have a cold fever." I care for the child after I leave everything. "" I'm going to work on more pictures. the work is being started, however, the filming of child care is not currently in progress, because before my baby, and then shooting. "Now I want to care for my child." Shabner, one of the most popular heroes of the Bengali film, said – I do not want to keep the child under the work of a girl or other people. He presented many hits and directed by Mustafizur Rahman Manik is called "So Much Love." In addition, there are several other hand-in-hand pictures. more than a year after Australia came in. At present, Shabner's son is five years old, and mother and child are in the country, if you want to know if to escape from Australia, Shabner said, no, I want to stay in the country. In the meantime, I was sick several times. After showing a doctor in Australia, he is now taking a drug on his phone. I have problems with the thyroid gland. However, I am pretty good at the moment. It is such a disease that by the end of life is a medicine for eating. Occasionally, you eat irregular medicines. I'm a little lazy people. Anyway, I want to act. There is a desire to start work in advance. I will not go to Australia anymore Finally, at the end of 2016, the actress worked as a model of an advertising company for an oven company named "Euro Star". He was directed by Ahmed Elias. And the film "Pagal Manush", starring Shabnu, last year saw the audience on the big screen. The work was postponed for a long time due to the sudden death of the director of the film MM Government. Later, his student Badiul Alam Hokan finished the film. In this film, Schabner's brother was a newcomer, Shayr Kahn. In his long career, Shabnu presented several business photos. The images that were merged with the late Salman Shah are still in the heart of the audience. He said he would start working again.

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