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BBL rebel panel goes further

Panel leaders met with central leaders of the Awami League on Monday evening to discuss the ideology of "Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib and the Council of Non-Communal General Students who believe in the spirit of the liberation war.

After the meeting, candidate candidate Sohan Khan told "We held a compromise today and tomorrow we will announce our decision at a press conference."

The secretary of the Awami League, Jahangir Kabir Nanak, the organizer of the AFM Secretary Bahaddin Dasim, the Secretary of Forests and Environment, Devar Hussein, the sub-editor-in-chief Barrister Biplob Barua, the president of the volunteer league Mola Mohamad. Abu Kawsar, former Health Secretary in the League of Awami Badiuzzaman, was present at the meeting.

On Monday, a press conference was announced at a press conference at the Madhura café at Dhaka University, the central vice president of Sohag-Zachar Sohan Khan, who himself declared the vice-presidential panel (WP) panel itself.

In this panel, the name of the Secretary General (GS), sergeant Zaharul Hak, former secretary of the organization BKL and the coordinator of the quota activists, Aminul Islam Bulbul, was announced by the fighters for freedom.

On the other hand, the head of the organization, Rezvanul Hook Choudhury Soban, vice-president and secretary general, Golam Rabani, while holding the post of the GS, announced on Sunday a full-fledged commission for the elections in Douk.

The Secretary General of the University of Dhaka Sadam Hossein University is the AGS candidate from this panel.

General Secretary of the Awami League, Jahangir Kabir Nanak, told on Monday that they had spoken to us and heard about their anger.

"We said that we were working together to win the BKL panel convincing the leader. They gave us a statement on Tuesday to discuss the withdrawal of their panel.

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