Monday , June 21 2021

Batsman's guilt is more, Mahmudala said

In this way, the leaders of Bangladesh resigned before New Zealand. Photo: AFP

Bangladesh could not write the Wellington test for three days. Inning innings and 12 runs At this rate Mahmoudalah Dishonest batsmen

In the Wellington test, which lasted three days, Bangladesh had a total of 117 deliveries. 420 runs in two innings; New Zealand made an initiative of 432 in 6 wickets. 74-year-old Tamim Iqbal in the first inning and 67th Mahmoudullah in the second inning, without the other two, failed to score a significant victory in the Bangladesh table. In Wellington, which has more than one innings and 12 runs in innings, you have to understand.

At a press conference after the match, Bangladesh captain Mahmoudalah took the captain directly to the national team's players: "How I started with the new one, Tamim struggled well". Sadman-Tamim started well in the first data. It was also in the first test. When Wagner began using his theory of infiltration into the middle of the infinite, he could not wait for a game a little better. We have to play with a lot of courage. Regardless of the problem, we made so many batsmen this error. I am not devoted or suffering from death, do not kill me. It's not right to do this on this list. If you want to play the recorded game or survive before the breakout. There can not be such staff in the next test, the Christichurch cross is a little slow. It can be the same condition. Our batsmen need to be more responsible. Inexperienced martial attack, three new pacers, they have no advantage. Batsman's error is more. In two and a half days, we are out twice, which is very frustrating.

Mahmoudulla speaks of the dilemma; Do they know that Neil Wagner or New Zealand fast wrestlers will take such a test? Of course, it was known. But why not manage Wagner? Mahmudala said again and again: "We knew that. The last time I was playing Test here was Wagner, now we're talking about Wagner factor." The contender is thinking about our players when they play in Bangladesh, and there may be an additional advantage for our opponents in the Caliph. , their bowlers could have used it, we did not do well, but I believe that our birds have the ability to cope with their technique, and what I said, I decided to make a big difference: if I said the first incentives, I was skeptical, would not kill me Then we went out It will be possible to get better results with these. "

The New Zealand Tour of Bangladesh came to an end to get good results. However, the tour has become so bitter that Mahmoudala should start from the very beginning of the Test Drive from Saturday!

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